Daily 3-Bet: Libratus v China, Deepstack v Dutch, Gut = Bust

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tight decision, an inking in your gut and just enough sense to default back to your afternoon poker news fundamentals.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the return of our poker AI overlord, a steep challenge facing Dutch Boyd and Liv Boeree says no to her gut.

1) Tag In, Cold Poker Master

Remember that Libratus poker AI that pistol-whipped some top level Ho-Limit Hold’em pros over 120,000 hands earlier this year?

Poker AI combo 2

Do the pros stand a chance?

How could we forget, right? Well, it’s back. Sort of.

The team behind Libratus, from Carnegie Mellon University, announced yesterday it has a new exhibition of their AI prowess on the go.

This time it’s a 36,000-hand, 5-day exhibition match against six top Chinese pros on the island province of Hainan in China. At stake: $290,000.

It’s actually not ‘exactly’ Libratus but a slightly different variation of the AI, named Lengpudashi or “cold poker master.” But sounds about right for a name, though.

WSOP bracelet winner Alan Du will lead the human team – aka Team Dragon – over five, 10-hour days with the humans each playing two hands at a time. Lengpudashi will run on the Bridges Super Computer as Libratus did.

Action will happen in a software park/resort in Haikou City and video of game play will be streamed via almost 30 broadcasting partners! Total views are expected to reach 30 million, which is pretty amazing.

Action starts today; more info here.

2) DeepStack AI 2-0; Next Up: Dutch

As you might also remember, Libratus isn’t the only poker AI in town. A Computer Science team from the University of Alberta also has a similarly bad-ass, superhuman poker AI in circulation.

Dutch Boyd IMG 6464

Poker’s John Connor.

This one is called DeepStack, and while it hasn’t scored the marquee challenge win Libratus did it is comparatively advanced.

So advanced, in fact, it has been running – and dominating – its own weekly “pros v bot” challenge over the past couple of weeks.

First, it beat Nate Meyvis and pro Andrew Brokos in a best of 7 matchup. This past week it dismantled former pro Terrence Chan and 2+2 PokerCast Host Adam Schwartz 4-1.

Catch full replays of the matches and read some posts from the vanquished human opponents about it via the DeepStack AI’s Twitter timeline.

Will it meet its match next week? It just might as it faces 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Dutch Boyd. Watch it all via Boyd’s Twitch channel next Thursday, April 13 at 6:00 P.M. ET.

Regardless of the outcome, Poker AI has come a very, very long way in 20 years.

3) Your Gut Is Not as Reliable as You Think

Truth be told we’ve never trusted our own gut. From jumping off roofs into swimming pools to mowing Italian BMTs at 5am punting $1 Spin & Gos, it’s rarely steered us right.

Most poker players don’t fee that way though. And when push comes to shove, so to speak, they default to their gut instincts when they have to make tough decisions at the table.

Liv Boeree has a message for them, though, via The Big Think. Don’t do that. Unless there’s an awful lot of logic backing you up, too.


Don’t. do. it.

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