Daily 3-Bet: $ List Shake-Up, Poker 4 Uni, Cirque du DNegs

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a sparkly bodysuit, 24% body fat and a standing ovation for touching your own afternoon poker news toes.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new #3 on the all-time money list, a smart way to solve student debt and the circus calls for Daniel and Sam.

1) Colman, Seidel Inch Up

Calling it a “shake up” might be a slight exaggeration but there is a new #3 on poker’s all-time live tournament money list – and he is in his 20s.


Just another day beside a pile of money.

2014 Player of the Year Dan Colman has been no flash in the pan after his $22m year rocketed him up the money list.

He’s steadily racked up six-figure score after six-figure score in high-stakes events to keep his money tally building.

After opening the year with a $341k score in the PSCB $50k and a $750k score in the $100k, Colman pocketed another nice one in Manila last week. He won the Triton HK$250k event for HK$3,641,600 ($469,246 US).

That bumped him up to $27,621,263 in career earnings and pushed him just over Antonio Esfandiari’s $27,353,449. The runner-up in that HK event was also none other than Erik Seidel, who inched ever closer to #1 Daniel Negreanu. He’s now just $1.5m back of DNegs.

Here’s the current Top 5; check the full list here.

1. Daniel Negreanu $32,887,949
2. Erik Seidel $31,397,734
3. Daniel Colman $27,621,263
4. Antonio Esfandiari $27,353,449
5. Phil Ivey $23,856,035

2) Math Student Good at Poker; Story Checks Out

We’re not sure why this is a ‘headline’ in the UK today since it has basically been happening for about a decade but it does reinforce what we always say about poker as a profitable hobby over a profession.


Math student good at poker? You don’t say … (photo: Deadline News)

Anmol Srivats is an undergrad student in Math at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Over the past four years while he’s been in school he’s also played some poker on the side and won about £80,000 in total in cash games and tournaments.

It’s not Dan Colman money, no. But it has paved the way for him to cover his living expenses and emerge from uni without any student debt – a small miracle in this day and age.

So kudos to him. Even better, he doesn’t have plans to dive into poker full-time after his studies:

“I’m planning to work as a trader after finishing university,” he told The Daily Mail. “It’s a natural transition, and I think there are a lot of similarities between it and poker.” Wise man. Read his full story here.

3) Daniel Negrean-O

When you live in Las Vegas and hang out with Sam Abernathy, it’s no surprise you’ll get up to some unusual physical undertakings from time to time.

Training with Cirque du Soleil, though? That’s some hard stuff – even if you are on the shortcut to shred.

*record scratch*

Yup, that’s me, @RealKidPoker. You might be wondering how I ended up in this situation. pic.twitter.com/QfD0eioTom

— Poker Central (@PokerCentral) February 21, 2017

Don’t ask…

A post shared by Daniel Negreanu (@dnegspoker) on Feb 20, 2017 at 9:34pm PST

Cirque du Soleil what’s up… Comin’ in like a wrecking ball y’all.

A post shared by Daniel Negreanu (@dnegspoker) on Feb 21, 2017 at 12:56am PST

Looks like it’s for a new series on Poker Central with Poker Life Podcast host Joe Ingram, and looks like it’ll be a fun one.

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