Daily 3-Bet: Master Schulman, German Sandwich, 4 AM Fedor

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a diving volley, an overhead smash and a blistering cross-court winner that seals the tiebreaker in the first afternoon poker news set.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Nick Schulman grabbing the lapels of the Poker Masters, Daniel Negreanu enjoys a German sandwich and Fedor Holz has jet lag.

1) Chapter 1 to Nick

Over the last couple of years Nick Schulman has rapidly become everyone’s favorite poker commentator.

0240 Nick Schulman

Player 1st, commentator 2nd.

His humanistic, inquisitive approach to calling the action coupled with his impeccable understanding of the game at its highest level have made him the best we’ve ever heard in the booth.

A key part of that sentence: his impeccable understanding of the game at its highest level.

Schulman is a poker player first and proven his mettle on poker’s biggest stages over and over in a career that’s spanned over a decade.

Perhaps commentating on the game has even opened a few more levels in his game as he’s been on a High Roller tear himself in 2017.

Besides a $50k SHR win at Seminole Hard Rock earlier in August Schulman was runner-up in two episodes of Poker After Dark before winning the first $50k event of the Poker Masters last night.

With a $918,000 cash he’s the current frontrunner for the Purple Jacket – at least until the second $50k final table plays out today. Final-table results below; watch the full replay over on PokerGO.

1. Nick Schulman, $918,000
2. Matt Hyman, $561,000
3. Stefan Schillhabel, $306,000
4. Steffen Sontheimer, $204,000
5. Dominik Nitsche, $178,500
6. Koray Aldemir, $153,000
7. Adrian Mateos, $127,500

2) DNegs Starts with German Sandwich

Speaking of the Poker Masters … as mentioned many times live streaming of the feature tables/final tables is available on PokerGO and, at just $10/month, a steal of a deal.

We’re also lucky in this age of Twitch streams and poker Vlogs that a few players involved are producing their own supplementary content with real behind-the-ropes access like never before.

Daniel Negreanu is, of course, one of those content providers and he delivered a 13-minute snapshot of his experience of the first $50k in a new Vlog posted last night. It covers the usual kind of ground but also includes our new favorite expression – “The German Sandwich” – aka having a German player on your left and right.

With at least 7 German high-stakes kingpins expected in every PokerMasters event it’s likely something we’ll hear a few more times. Watch the Vlog below:

Update: Here’s Day 2 now, too:

3) Fedor has Jet Lag, Watches Overwatch at 4 am

The kingpin of all those German kingpins is Fedor Holz and he’s also one of those generous players providing his own supplementary coverage of the Poker Masters.


Can’t sleep, watch Overwatch

As part of his Primed Mind project Fedor is filming an “In the Life of a Champion” mini-doc over his week in Vegas and the first instalment arrived last night.

It covers much of the same ground as DNegs usually does – his diet, buying in, etc – but also follows him as he looks at a potential investment, does an interview and, as jet lag hits him, finds himself up at 4 am watching some Overwatch.

Fedor busted two bullets in Event #1 but as he got adjusted to the North American time zone his game picked up and he’s one of the final 7 in Event #2 starting today.

And guess who has the German Sandwich? Check the chip counts and watch the video below.

Event #2 Poker Masters $50,000 Buy-in

1. Fedor Holz 1,138,000 Germany
2. Adrian Mateos 745,000 Spain
3. Bryn Kenney 391,000 USA
4. Tom Marchese 1,011,000 USA
5. Steffen Sontheimer 848,000 Germany
6. Phil Hellmuth 702,000 USA
7. Christian Christner 1,416,000 Germany

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