Daily 3-Bet: Naza > Isildur, Thijs Nuts, $27m Powerfest

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Today in the 3-Bet we find João Vieira dominating SCOOP 2017, Thijs Molendijk bossing at Unibet Copenhagen and partypoker’s Powerfest crushing guarantees.

1) Naza114 > Isildur1

As you might have seen, the 2017 Spring Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars ‘concluded’ in blockbuster fashion yesterday.


João Vieira (Photo: Neil Stoddart, PokerStars)

Charlie Carrel and Harrison Gimbel chopped the SCOOP-H main Event for roughly $1.2m each.

Australia’s ROFLShove bossed around the SCOOP-M final table to collect a dazzling $787,312,19 to spend on drinks on the beach.

And Austria’s madalain flipped his $109 into a 2,000% ROI and $221,516.37 in the SCOOP-L main event.

All that’s left? A couple of rescheduled events from last week and the crowning of the overall SCOOP leaders.

If nothing changes on the leaderboards today that’ll mean João Vieira of Portugal will be the overall 2017 SCOOP leaderboard champion.

By the looks of things Vieira will have cashed 54 (!) of the 171 tournaments scheduled (h/t @kevmath) and collected 815 leaderboard points. A truly sick total.

The current runner-up? That would be the legend Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, who has 785 points – and surprisingly collected a ton of points in low buy-in events.

Other notables to make Leaderboard top 10s include Japan’s Naoya ‘nkeyno’ Kihara, Brazil’s Yuri ‘theNERDguy’ Martins, Canada’s Mike ‘goleafsgoeh’ Leah, Jerry ‘hummylun’ Wong and Connor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan. Check the overall leaderboard below:


2) Molendijk Class of Battle Royale SNG

With the start of the Unibet Open in Copenhagen tomorrow Unibet has brought back the super fun eSports Battle Royale to kick things off again.

THijs C5SU4KVWQAAiIiv.jpg large

Thijs got game.

The premise: nine “world-class gamers and eSports hotshots” battle it out for $5k in a one-off Sit-and-Go.

Among the invites this time are German Twitch star Alan ‘Hotted89’ Widmann, 2-time European Hearthstone champ Thijs ‘Thijs’ Molendijk, John ‘Swifty’ Pyle, Craig ‘onscreen’ Shannon and Sophia ‘Djarii’ White.

It’s a fun watch as you’ll find a lot of, uh, unconventional play and self-inflicted tough spots.

The class of the field so far appears to be Molendijk, who’s already made an impressive hero call with sixes and played with (it seems) a clear understanding of the fundamentals. Watch the stream below!

3) Powerfest Hits $27m in Prize Pools

As we mentioned a few times this past month it’s been an epic couple of weeks for online poker with 3 major tournament series running simultaneously.

partypoker table

The battle for online poker territory is afoot.

With $81m in total guarantees it’s been the richest two weeks in online poker history and the payouts have been fast and furious.

The newest contender in the major series game, partypoker’s new Powerfest, more than held its own in the battle for the hearts, minds and buy-ins of online poker players.

With an original $20m in guarantees over 301 events, Powerfest actually blasted well past that – in a few ways. Check the numbers:

Total prize pools paid out: $27,012,812
Biggest first place prize: $660,067 – Powerfest #301: $2M Gtd Super High Roller
Total prize money to first place: $4,805,757
Total entrants: 304,679
Unique entrants: 43,468
Countries represented: 105
Total players cashing: 65,698
Unique players cashing: 20,922
Players at final tables: 2,555
Unique players at final tables: 1,920
Unique champions: 289

Impressive. Even more impressive? Germany’s SGav771, who played 215 of the 301 events! Yowsa.

Check out all of the stats from Powerfest here; get in the game yourself by opening up a new partypoker account via our review page.

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