Daily 3-Bet: New Hope for NY Poker, Magic Gus, Best Brat Blow Ups

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a promising new poker bill in the NY senate, Gus Hansen putting on a show and the best Phil Hellmuth meltdowns.

1) New Poker Bill in NY Senate

Could this be the year when online poker is finally legalized in one of the major US markets?

new york CjTuBK0XEAA90yc.jpg large

One time?

It certainly seems like momentum is building.

Sen. John Bonacic introduced a brand-new bill to the NY senate today and poker pundits are pretty positive about this one.

The bill would allow for 11 licenses, $10m licensing fees and take back a 15% tax on revenue.

In addition Rep. Eric Schleien sponsored a bill that would legalize online poker in New Hampshire today.

Last week the State of Hawaii surprised many by introducing online gambling legislation for consideration to the senate. The tax revenue from online gambling would go towards education in the state.

There is a feeling (maybe more of a hope?) that when a couple of the bigger markets legalize online poker the rest could fall like dominoes.

Dare to dream, poker fans.

2) Gus Hansen Pulls a Magic Mike

You never, and we mean never, know where legendary poker pro Gus Hansen might show up.

Gus Hansen poll

The mysterious Gus Hansen in the wild.

That was certainly the case when the City Squash club in Copenhagen posted a video to Facebook of its Christmas party, which included Hansen hopping up on a stripper poll.

Hansen also belted out a few notes of Shakira’s iconic “Whenever, Wherever” while getting his groove on.

The Great Dane brings the party wherever he goes it would seem.

That said, please come back to poker Mr. Hansen. It hasn’t been the same without you.

3) Top 5 Phil Hellmuth Blow Ups

PokerStars has been re-packaging classic poker clips in Top 5 lists recently and the Phil Hellmuth one is worth a watch if it’s been awhile since you experienced peak Poker Brat.

All of the favorites are listed with Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan and the David Peat dust up.

For our money the Phil Hellmuth vs. Shawn Sheikhan/Everyone is the cream of the crop.

Nothing beats, “MORI! Is this the way it’s going to be???”

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