Daily 3-Bet: #PHCakeLife, Bellagio Poker Fear, Dota2 > ME $

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a stack of hundos, a calm stride and no hesitation at all to grab the first open seat at the afternoon poker news poker table.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth having his cake in NorCal, the Bellagio #1 for poker intimidation and big money on the line for the Dota2 International.

1) Phil Has His Cake

As we mentioned yesterday Phil Hellmuth and pal celebrated the launch of his autobiography Poker Brat yesterday with a festive get-together in the Bay area.

Among his poker pals we know were in attendance were Matt Glantz and Brandon Cantu, and we imagine a few of his high-profile Silicon Valley pals dropped in for a slice of cake or a shot of Kimo Sabe mescal.

We’re still waiting on details of any true debauchery but at least we know what the cake looked like:

Thank you for throwing me the coolest party EVER: top of my list…Check out this birthday cake! #PHBookLaunchParty #BALLER #PHNiceLife pic.twitter.com/jq403fZcGt

— phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) August 2, 2017

His 15-minute sitdown with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is also now posted on FB and you can watch it here.

2) Bellagio #1 for Nervously Standing Around Poker Table

If you were in your college years in the 90s like we were you know The Onion set the benchmark for satirical newspaper reporting with spectacular material such as “I’m like a Chocoholic, But for Booze” and “Area Man Could Eat.”

Tournament room

Looky loos.

It’s rarely turned its sharp eye on poker over the past 25 years but when it has, it’s pretty bang on. Much like this one about the Bellagio “being the best casino for standing around too nervous to approach a poker table.” An excerpt:

“People come from all over the world to dawdle at the multiple bars, which allow them to repeatedly grab another drink to calm their nerves after chickening out of their latest promise to themselves that they would claim the next seat that opened up. Furthermore, the room is always crowded with longtime veterans intensely focused on their games, decreasing the likelihood of any employee making eye contact with you and subsequently offering to escort you to a table.”

Story checks out. Get the rest of the joke here.

3) Dota2 Championship Pays $10.2m for 1st

We’ve been tracking the dramatic rise of eSports prize pools for a few years now but if you told us the winning team would collect more than the WSOP Main Event winner by 2017 we still would have been (at least a little) skeptical.

Scott Blumstein 9434

Chump change for gamers now.


That day has clearly come as the winning team on this year’s Dota2 International will split up $10,228,641 – over $2m more than Scott Blumstein earned for his win just a couple weeks ago.

Only the top 6 will be millionaires, though, while all of the final nine in the ME got at least $1m. So there’s that.

Check the full payout scheme for the 5-day International here.

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