Daily 3-Bet: Phil on Phil, Boom Shaka Laka, Java 4 GPL

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a delightful moment of Phil Hellmuth inception, Spain’s David Laka takes Sochi by storm and Nipun Java joins GPL India.

1) Hellmuth Wears Hellmuth

One thing Phil Hellmuth has never been accused of over his decades of prominence in the poker industry?


Should have been pin of this, tho.

Being too humble.

For the amount of attention he’s brought to the game, though – and, despite the haters laments, how extraordinarily successful he’s been at it – how could we expect him to be?

It’s what makes Phil, Phil.

And what makes poker so watchable when he’s at the table.

Also, as Jeff Gross recently reminded us, poker isn’t just a game to Phil – it’s his life.

And for that no one should begrudge him.

Still … wearing a pin of your own face on your jacket as you play the Poker Masters yesterday?

That’s some next level self-love.

While Phil didn’t cash in the first of 5 Poker Masters events he did finish 14th and perhaps built some momentum for the hard week’s grind ahead. That pin would look pretty good on a Purple Jacket, too. 

H/t to 2+2er Rmbxr9 for noticing and grabbing the screenshot:


2) Laka Soars in Sochi

When we put together the long list of rising young poker stars for our 2017 Spirit of Poker Awards, it was Oriol Fernandex who grabbed most of the attention for the Spanish market.


David Laka (Photo: Seminole Hard Rock)

If we narrowed our list down after the Summer, though, perhaps it would be David Laka who would be the man on everyone’s ballots.

After a couple of nice final-table showings in Marbella (2nd in €2,200 HR) and Barcelona (7th in €10k HR) Laka’s taken things to the next level this week at partypoker Live in Sochi.

Over the weekend he nabbed the title in the $10k HR for $285,000 and, just moments ago, he finished second overall in the Main Event for another $600,000 payday.

Do the math and that’s just under $900,000 in six days. Rising Star potential? Yep. That definitely qualifies. Check the full rundown of the final-table action here on the partypoker Live blog or watch the full replay on the partypoker Live Twitch channel.

3) Nipun Java Joins Global Poker League India

The Global Poker League has abandoned thoughts of a Season 2 in the Americas/Europe this year and, despite some high points in Season 1, we’re not likely to see the full return of the Berlin Bears, San Francisco Rush and New York Rounders et al. when a Season 2 is played.

The GPL as a brand, though, is still an ongoing entity and in the process of making a big push in China and India with full Season 1s planned for 2017/2018. Season 1 in China, in fact, began September 9th with 12 teams that made it through a qualifying process that will play down to a champion over the next six months.

GPL India, meanwhile, has yet to begin (it should start in Q1 2018) but six teams will participate including the Bengaluru Hackers, the Delhi Diehards and the Mumbai Jetsetters.

It has also been busy signing some big local names to be a part of it including Shark Cage star Muskan Sethi, Vidwath Shetty and now 2-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Nipun Java as both the official ambassador and caster for the league.

Check the announcements below; more on GPL India here.

Super excited to be a part of @GPLIndia @gpl let’s go!!! pic.twitter.com/1eOQxRpxUE

— Muskan Sethi (@muskaansethi) September 7, 2017

| More #GPLIndia News: “We’re happy to announce that @nipunjava will be the official ambassador & caster of our 1st season. pic.twitter.com/2OohqjMgeY

— GPL India (@GPLIndia) September 11, 2017

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