Daily 3-Bet: Philbort Power, Super Bowl Slaughter, Take a Ludo

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an enticing moneyline, a tasty O/U and a gdamn holding penalty on 3rd and 2 at the afternoon poker news 22.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a welcome upswing for Phil Gruissem, poker players taking a bath on Super Bowl LI and Ludo Geilich swinging away in Rozvadov.

1) Philbort FTW!

Struggling with a downswing? Feel like the deck is stacked against you and you can’t even win your 70-30s?

Phil Gruissem

Chalk one up for Philbort!

Take comfort in the fact it happens to everyone in poker at some point — even a veritable legend like Phil “philbort” Gruissem.

Not only does he have somewhere around $14m in combined live and online earnings, him and his German crew pretty much re-shaped how High Rollers think about strategy.

So for a guy who usually plays $25k buy-ins and above it might be a bit of a surprise to hear Gruissem played the $215 partypoker Powerfest Main Event this weekend.

It might be less of a surprise that he actually won it for around $80k, though. Regardless of the low stakes, he was obviously pretty chuffed about the win:

Reminder for next time:
Every downswing ends at some point! Won the @partypoker powerfest main. UNBELIEVABLE.

— Philipp Gruissem (@TheRealPhilbort) February 6, 2017

Riding that momentum he went on to cash in sixth in the $1k Powerfest Main Event for another $41,320. gotthereagain won it for $175K.

If you missed Powerfest this time around there’s some good news: It’ll be back again in May with a $215 buy-in, $1m GTD Main Event. Get a new partypoker account via our review right here to start qualifying (and get a $500 bonus).

2) That Was a Very Costly Comeback

A record $132.5m was bet on the 2016 Super Bowl in Nevada alone and, if estimates are true, that number soars to around $4.7 BILLION total when you factor in “illegal” bets around the US.

Dan Smith

Really, Tom?

Based on our experience with poker pros, we’d estimate they’ve put down maybe $4.6 billion of that. We kid, we kid. Maybe.

Poker pros do love a gamble, though. And by the looks of Twitter, more than a few had the Falcons and the Under and that historical Brady comeback cost quite a few players quite a few bundles.

We’re still waiting for the king of bets, Phil Ivey, to weigh in but based on the radio silence from his social media accounts it might not have gone well.

Im totally cool with the fact I fired huge here… sweating that I green lighted the Bellagio cashier to bet his monthly mortgage payment

— Dan Smith (@DanSmithHolla) February 6, 2017

Looking for a backer, please DM

— Dan Smith (@DanSmithHolla) February 6, 2017

Looking for a stake

— Scott Seiver (@scott_seiver) February 6, 2017

My mom never misses an opportunity to twist the knife #SuperBowl pic.twitter.com/9xzHG5TFRn

— Dan O’Brien (@DanOBrienPoker) February 6, 2017

Thank you @AtlantaFalcons my future kids will now be attending community college : #dontdoubtthegoat . 2 times in 3 years

— Noah Schwartz (@noahjschwartz) February 6, 2017

We wanted something close. Not something gross.#plusfalcons #didntmeantorhyme#0outed

— Samantha (@SamAbernathyy) February 6, 2017

No air. Literal zero

— Jason Mercier (@JasonMercier) February 6, 2017

Anyone else feel sick to their stomach ?

— Jason Mercier (@JasonMercier) February 6, 2017

3) Steaming Towards Scot v. Scot HU

If you’ve been following the 888poker Rozvadov Main Event live stream today you know it’s been a wild ride for chip leader Ludo Geilich.

Coming in with 4m in chips he ran into aces a couple of times, lost some big pots and at one point dropped to just 9 big blinds. A level or two later he’s back up to 4m or so again and, with just four players left, seems destined for a heads-up showdown with pal and travel buddy Niall Farrell.

Watch it play out below with commentary from David Tuchman, Parker Talbot and the king himself, Chris Moorman – who btw has 10% of both Geilich and Farrell in this but needs a 1-2 finish to still come out ahead for the trip.

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