Daily 3-Bet: Poker 5%ers, $160k Freeroll, 10 Mins to $100k

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a running spreadsheet, a monthly bank check and a quick headshake to remind yourself of the afternoon poker news profit margins.

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Today in the 3-Bet we get schooled (again) about making a poker living, Bill Perkins breaks out his wallet (again) and another Spin & Go pays out big.

1) Are You a 5%er?

We liked this Daniel Negreanu post a lot the first time it came around and now that it’s making the rounds again we felt it worth mentioning again.

Daniel Negreanu5

Sage words from 1%er.

Poker is an amazing hobby. Maybe the best (non-‘physical’ at least) hobby you can have. It continually tests your brain, your ego, your stamina, your guts.

But it is, as the old cliché goes, a (very) hard way to make an easy living. 

A lot of players struck it rich the early days of the poker boom, sure. And with the advent of online poker it has opened up a lot more avenues for poker players around the world to make an actual living playing the game.

But make no mistake: it’s a select group of people who can consistently do this, day after day, and make it work. By Negreanu’s estimation, that number is 2%-5% of the poker-playing population.

That’s a very, very small number. It’s still possible, of course. But it takes a MASSIVE amount of work to get there. And, as Negreanu says, if you aren’t willing to do that work professional poker probably isn’t for you. Check his full post again here.

2) Bill Perkins Wants to Give You Money

20 FREE packages to the PokerStars Championship Bahamas. Online grind sessions from his yacht in the Caribbean. Letting Dan Bilzerian hijack his poker account. A $10k heads-up match, GPL style, against Anatoly Filatov.


Thirsty days are here again.

Now a $160k freeroll just for subscribers?

Bill Perkins has been using the hashtag #makepokerfun again for the past few months and he is absolutely living up to it.

After pushing out the content lately on his Twitch.tv channel, the Thirst Lounge, Perkins is up to 9,819 subscribers but won’t rest until he hits the elusive 10k mark.

As far as we can tell he’s now offering a $160,000 freeroll if he hits that mark and monthly freerolls for subscribers for the next 6 months w/ prize pools = (new?) subscribers x $5.

Freerolls will be at 3pm ET every second Saturday but there’s plenty to keep yourself entertained in the meantime. Get Thirsty here. And if you have AmazonPrime, you can subscribe for free!

3) Or Just Spin Your Way to $100,000

If becoming a $5/$10 grinder is too hard (it is) and you don’t subscribe to the Thirst Lounge, there are still a few good old fashioned ways to make some tidy bank playing poker.

This guy on PokerStars New Jersey, for example, binked a $100 Spin & Go on just a $10 buy-in. Easy peasy, right? (H/t to @Kevmath)

(Ed. note: We kid. Winning $100,000 in a Spin & Go is very rare indeed. You can, however, improve your chances of playing them profitably. But really … they’re just for fun. And qualifying for a PokerStars Championship every now and then.)

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