Daily 3-Bet: PokerStars Replay, Fedor Holz Party, #HARTING

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at PokerStars new Winning Moments feature, Fedor Holz joining partypoker and Kevin Hart’s new victory pose.

1) Winning Moments on PokerStars

You can chalk up Play of the Game highlight reels as one more thing that PokerStars is looking to lift from video games.

PokerStars Winning Moments

A screen shot of PokerStars’ Winning Moments.

The online poker site is launching a new service in the coming months that will compile your best moments from a poker tournament (if you win, that is) into a unique video that features voice over work by live poker commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton.

The company will test the service during its upcoming World Championship of Online Poker with a full-scale roll out to follow.

The feature should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played popular shooter Overwatch as the game automatically creates a Play of the Game replay video at the end of every game.

You can actually take a look at a sample video of Winning Moments right here.

It’s hard to say if it will be successful as poker isn’t quite as visually dynamic as most eSports.

Winning Moments is just the latest video game-like feature to be added into PokerStars as players already have access to PokerStars Chests, which are very similar to rewards in several popular video games.

Once Power Up Poker goes live, PokerStars will practically be a new eSport.

2) Fedor Holz Joins partypoker

It’s kind of weird that Fedor Holz, who’s racked up a staggering $23m in live tournament earnings since 2014, hasn’t been signed by an online poker site.

That appears to be over, however, as Holz officially threw his hat into the ring with partypoker earlier today:

From this month on I’ll partner with @partypoker. I’m excited about their plans for the future of poker and I’m happy to be part of it.

— Fedor Holz (@CrownUpGuy) September 1, 2017

It’s not completely clear what role Holz will have with the company as partypoker has yet to announce anything at the time this article was published. Maybe he just really likes the company?

partypoker already counts Mike Sexton, Sam Trickett, Anatoly Filatov, Johnny Lodden and Dzmitry Urbanovich and several others on its pro team.

Holz is a lot more than just a poker player these days and is also the CEO of start-up Primed Mind so perhaps it’s more of a joint-venture between the two companies?

Either way, we have a feeling things will work out just fine for Holz. They always do.

3) Kevin Hart Spoofs Usain Bolt Victory Pose

The #GameOn battle between Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt is heating up with Hart taking a shot at Bolt’s famous “To the World” victory pose.

Hart’s come up with his own victory maneuver that he’s calling “Harting”. It requires two people and it’s very… romantic?

Here’s Hart himself explaining the new move:

Can we stop doing @usainbolt‘s victory pose? It’s over. Listen Bolt: while you’re departing, we’ll be #HARTING Friends show me. #GameOn #ad pic.twitter.com/WrZutxVMQ2

— Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4real) August 31, 2017

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