Daily 3-Bet: PStars Power Up, DNegs Triple Up, $1.9m >> $12k

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a disintegrated Ace, a cloned upgrade and a nicely timed reload of the top afternoon poker news power move.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an intriguing new game innovation from PokerStars, Daniel Negreanu reaches out and Timex turns $1.9m into $12,000.

1) Poker + Powers

As we’ve seen from the heavy changes in PokerStars’ rewards program, an overhaul of its seating process and a sit-down or two with its key executives, the biggest online poker site in the world has its focus square on one thing these days:

Drawing new players into the game and keeping them there with new products designed with the casual poker player in mind. Spin & Gos, Beat the Clock and KO Poker are just a few examples.

Add an intriguing new one to that list: PokerStars Power Up. A bit reminiscent of the GPI’s HoldemX (although in development before), it’s “traditional Texas Holdem” powered up with, well powers. Check the clip:

As of today it’s simply entered Alpha testing so real-money games are ‘still a long way off’ and plenty of tweaking is still to be done. But … very interesting. Read the full post about it here.

2) Cody, Little + Timex Join DNegs for All Strat Podcast

We’ve already gone on at length over Daniel Negreanu’s new content push so we’ll just leave his latest podcast below to speak for itself.

Jake Cody, Jonathan Little and Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald all join him this time for some in-depth strategy/new project talk. It’s a goodie:

3) How to Turn $1.9 Million Into $12,000

Speaking of Timex … He’s been a great new addition to the growing list of poker Twitch streamers over the past week or so and is definitely worth a subscribe if you’re into getting world-class poker strategy tips for free.

He’s also good for a great poker anecdote or two, including this gem about how the biggest score of his poker career so far – his $1.9m third-place finish at the 2014 Aussie Millions $250k – turned into just a $12,000 payday (Clip starts at 2:49:00).

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