Daily 3-Bet: Raid @ the Bike, Holz > Hellmuth, Gus +170k!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fresh t-shirt, a reloaded stack and a quick bite from the 24h buffet before another go in the afternoon poker news big game.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an early morning raid at the Bicycle Casino, Fedor Holz overtaking a legend and Gus Hansen holding court at King’s.

1) Feds Raid Bike

We’ve seen some spectacular fireworks lately on the Live at the Bike poker stream but, uhh, nothing quite like what happened this morning.


Ruh roh. (Photo: LA Times)

According to the Los Angeles Times, Federal agents raided the LATB home casino – the Bicycle Hotel and Casino in Bell Gardens, California – this morning around 7:30 am.

The Feds then “seized thousands of financial records as part of an ongoing investigation into possible money laundering.”

The investigation is reportedly focused on “whether gamblers exchanged dirty money for chips, played cards, and then cashed the chips in for clean money.”

Yikes. The Times says patrons were asked to leave their chips on the table and exit during the raid and, at last check, federal agents were still blocking the entrance to the casino.

Doesn’t look good for today’s LATB stream, we’d imagine. And it might delay the return of Bart Hanson and David Tuchman to the commentary booth

Read the latest from the LA Times here.

2) Holz Passes Hellmuth on All-Time Money List

We don’t know how closely Phil Hellmuth actually follows either A) Twitter accounts other than his own or B) the all-time live tournament money list, but if he does this tweet from Fedor Holz has to sting a little:

What’s up, Phil? pic.twitter.com/fL7ZD32oZN

— Fedor Holz (@CrownUpGuy) April 4, 2017

We mentioned yesterday how impressive Dan Colman’s metoric rise up the list has been and Fedor’s is no less amazing.

Holz’s first six-figure cash didn’t come until April 2015 (!). Hellmuth’s first live cash came in 1987.

Sure, apples and oranges and all that with field sizes, buy-ins and payouts. It’s still an amazing feat. For both of them, really.

Holz’s latest tournament mastery – and the one that pushed him up and over Hellmuth – came just this past weekend when he chopped the PokerStars Macau HKD $400k High Roller for around $840k USD.

Retirement, shmetirement. Mbn. It’ll be fun to see if these two clash at this summer’s $300k Super High Roller Bowl – and who will add more to their neverending tally.

3) Gus All Day

Here’s something we haven’t had a chance to report in a while: Gus Hansen is up almost €170,000 after playing poker – and for two days straight!

The unsinkable Great Dane has been holding court on the Cash Game Kings live stream from Rozvadov the past two days and, besides being his old gregarious, charming self, has racked up a nice profit.

Starting out with PLO Gus was up about €140k Sunday and added another €36k yesterday. They’ve switched back to Hold’em for today (at €100/€100/€200 straddle) and he’s back to his old swingy self, playing a TON of hands and down about €30k so far.

We have a feeling he’s gonna get that back and more, though. Watch all the fun below!

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