Daily 3-Bet: Ronaldo Hooks, Panama Plot, $$ Game Fest Live

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a weathered dock, a rolled-up pair of khakis and just the right tilt on your afternoon poker news Panama hat.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the powerful pull of Cristiano Ronaldo, a quick guide to Panama and the Aspers Cash Game Festival live on stream.

1) What’s Ronaldo Worth?

Much has been made, fairly and unfairly, of PokerStars recent shift in priorities from long-time grinders to recreational hobbyists and enticing new players into the game.


How much is one Instagram worth? A lot.

Some say it’s long overdue; some say why disenfranchise your “most important” players and fork over millions for high-profile, non-poker player endorsers like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr.?

Social media/athlete sponsorship platform Hookit has the answer. According to their research on Ronaldo’s social media posts from 2016 he added about $500M (!) in value for his primary brand sponsor Nike. By their analytics:

“Ronaldo posted 1,703 times overall on social media in 2016. Those posts generated 2.25 billion social interactions (likes, comments, shares, retweets and views on videos), per Hookit. Nike was referenced or its logo visible in a photo or video in 347 of the posts, which had 477 million interactions.”

Add it up and it equals about $499m in ‘media value’ they say. His top post of the year earned Nike $5.8m USD.

That’s some big time value. Given that he just signed a $1B sponsorship deal he’s returned (arguably) half of that value in just one year alone.

His cost/output for PokerStars is of course a fraction of that but as far as value-for-$ goes Ronaldo’s #RaiseIt vids might be the best bargain going in poker. More detail from HypeBeast here.

2) Panama is Pantastic

If you’re still on the fence about making the trek all the way down to Panama City for the next PokerStars Championship Festival, PokerStars has put together a quick guide to some of the logistics/specialities of the area to pique your interest.


The hats are sweet too.

A few of its strongest draws:

Host to one of the most popular stops on PokerStars’ LAPT since 2012
Warm, tropical weather year round
No visa needed for EU, US and Canadian citizens and 90-day stay allowed
11 days of tournaments and 24/7 cash games from $1/$2 to $200/$400
Can’t-miss local coffee brwers and burgeoning craft beer scene
Vibrant nightlife, spectacular nature reserves, Unesco World Heritage sites and fresh local seafood

Sound appealing? Qualifiers for both the Main Event and side events are running daily on nearly every PokerStars platform and it’s not too late to win a package. Read more about Panama as a poker destination here.

3) Watch the Aspers Cash Game Festival Stream Live

Speaking of enjoyable destination poker festivals … Check out the live stream from the 5-Day Cash Game Festival back again at the Aspers Casino in London.

Looks like there’s a 5£/10£ No-Limit Hold’em game running right now but you can expect those stakes (and the games) to mix up a bit over the weekend. Watch below:

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