Daily 3-Bet: Sexton Rush, Project Fedor, Soul Read Explained

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike Sexton suddenly dominating the WPT, Fedor Holz teases a new project and Alec Torelli breaks down his epic JJ hero call.

1) Sexton 2 of 45 at LAPC

After a decade of playing World Poker Tour events, the iconic “voice of the WPT,” Mike Sexton, finally won his first event in Montreal last November in spectacular fashion.

mike sexton 2

So. much. game.

Now he just can’t stop crushing souls in WPT events.

As they head into Day 4 today at the WPT LA Poker Classic – one of the signature stops on the WPT – Sexton is again front and center of the action.

With just 45 players left Sexton is 2nd overall in chips behind only young gun Daniel Strelitz. Always the humble one, Sexton says it’s simply been a matter of getting cards:

“When you get the cards,” Sexton told the WPT blog, “sometimes the hands play themselves. It looks so easy when you make big hands.”

We have a feeling how you play them has something to do with it too. Action will pick up for Day 4 in LA shortly and you can follow along with the Live Updates right here. $1m awaits the winner.

2) What, Exactly, is Project Fedor?

We know the legendary Fedor Holz is semi-retired from poker and has a lot of free time and money on his hands these days.

He’s reading a lot of books, thinking a lot about charitable and business ventures, is into data science and, when he does step back into the poker ring for a tourney or two, still crushes.

How does it all play into his plans for the near future? Looks like we’re about to find out in April:

A look behind the scenes of my new project. Launching it in April! pic.twitter.com/wCUKYrVlBK

— Fedor Holz (@CrownUpGuy) February 28, 2017

3) Torelli Explains JJ Soul Read

Remember this eye-popping hero call Alec Torelli made vs. Doug Polk on Live at the Bike a couple of weeks ago? Here’s how he did it:

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