Daily 3-Bet: SHRPO = New PCA, Cody Freefall, GPL Scandi?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new reunion stop for poker pros, a heart-stopping plunge from Jake Cody and a possible Scandinavian franchise coming to the GPL.

1) Welcome Home, Poker Pros

The $2m guaranteed WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Main Event got underway earlier today in Florida and it didn’t take long to meet that guarantee.


WPT homecoming kings.

With 625 entries before the end of Level 2 they hit $2m on the nose pretty quickly.

With a single re-entry and registration open for another 7 hours or so, who knows just how high that might climb.

As of Level 3 it’s at 735 entries and climbing which means $2.5m is fast approaching.

It’s safe to say the field is pretty elite however big the prize pool with dozens of pros already in their seats.

Some of those include $50k SHR chopping pals Dietrich Fast and Adrian Mateos, 3-time WPT champ Darren Elias and former WSOP champ Joe Cada.

Also among them is heads-up king Olivier Busquet, who feels the SHRPO has supplanted the former PCA as the place old poker friends now come to reconvene:

#SHRPO has officially replaced PCA as the poker reunion stop

— Olivier Busquet (@olivierbusquet) March 31, 2017

Welcome home, everybody! Follow all the live updates for the WPT Seminole Poker Showdown right here.

2) Hold Your Breath and Don’t Puke

Meanwhile, over on the opposite side of the world, an entirely different set of poker players is convening for the first-ever PokerStars Championship Macau.

jake cody 2


Action begins for the 52-event, 11-day festival tomorrow with the Super High Roller. The Main Event begins Monday and you can follow all the action on the PokerStars blog.

Also on the schedule?

A 30-minute concert with Felipe Ramos on lead vocals and a 1-hour master class with PokerStars pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, which sound equally appealing to us.

A litany of European and Asia-Pacific stars are winging to Macau as we speak but they might want to avoid travel tips from Jake Cody, who satisfied his need for action on a previous trip to Macau with a breathtaking plunge off the highest bungee jump in the world.

We couldn’t even make it up the elevator without puking but thanks to his ongoing vlog he brought us all along for the ride:

3) Team Scandi Coming to Global Poker League?

We’ve had our eye out for any tidbits of info we can share about the upcoming Season 2 of the Global Poker League but so far not much to report.

We did find this short preview video posted by CEO Alex Dreyfus, which hints at a new presence in India as well as a second team in South America.

He also suggested in a reply we might be on the brink of seeing a Scandinavian team enter the fray as well, which would be very cool.

Preparing for Season 2! Worldwide esports poker league pic.twitter.com/cZNfhMBTPk

— Global Poker League (@gpl) March 28, 2017

@expertBergie @gpl soon.

— Alexandre Dreyfus (@alex_dreyfus) March 28, 2017

We’ll keep looking and let you know when we find something.

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