Daily 3-Bet: Sochi Goes Off, Phil = Snoopbort, Think w/ Liv

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tin of biscuits, a cup of PG Tips and an illuminating sit down with an old friend at the afternoon poker news tea party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new poker record broken in Russia, Phil Gruissem does his Sochi G-thang and check out the big brain on Liv Boeree.

1) Grab Them Casino Units

The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia, currently ongoing in Sochi, is now officially the largest poker event in Russian history.

Mike Sexton 5886

And btw … you get an overlay!

After a couple of successful festivals hosted in Sochi this year, the latest partypoker affair blew the roof right off the record with 999 entries in the main event.

When partypoker Chairman Mike Sexton made the announcement to the field, he also had an interesting twist to add:

“And let me just add one more thing! To show you the integrity of partypoker and this tournament, and to show you that we didn’t add anyone extra into the tournament – the final number of entrants is 999! You get an overlay in this tournament!

An overlay of exactly one entry … but still. Very cool of partypoker to keep it real.

Also an interesting twist? While the winner gets $1m USD, payouts are actually made in something called “Casino Sochi Units (CSU)” which are required by Russian law.

For the record the winner’s take is 1,160,000 CSU. Only in Russia! (Read in Yakov Smirnov voice obv.)

Around 85 players are left in the Main Event including a killer feature table that includes Dzmitry Urbanovich, Steve O’Dwyer, Vlad Troranovskiy and more. Watch it live below:

2) Philbort Unleashes G-Thang

Also only in Russia, as far as we know: Shisha at the tables, enabling High Roller Phil Gruissem to get his smoke on while he throws around some CSUs in the cash games:

Wanna be snoop…Shisha+cashgame in sochi pic.twitter.com/zm5J1yn8bP

— Philipp Gruissem (@TheRealPhilbort) September 12, 2017

3) Liv’s Big Think

One of the myriad reasons Liv Boeree is one of the 8 finalists for our 2017 Most Inspiring Player Award?

She’s always on the job trying to bridge the gap between mainstream understanding of the poker world and the game itself and to put poker’s rational thought process into terms people from all walks of life can grasp/take advantage of.

Here she is again on The Big Think explaining how poker can help you “think clearly and wisely.” Preach it, Liv.


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