Daily 3-Bet: Torelli WOW, StreamBoat OMG, Top 86 Poker Books

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a crate of sunscreen, a tub of Gravol and time to get our afternoon poker news sea legs before our buy-in disappears.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a spectacular hero call on Live at the Bike, the best streaming idea ever and an exhaustive ranking of the best poker books.

1) Torelli Wows with Hero Call

A lot of people tell Daniel Negreanu they hate playing Jacks. Alec Torelli is clearly not one of them as he demonstrated with aplomb in this super sick hand against Doug Polk on Live at the Bike yesterday:

Gto? Gtfo amirite?

Yes from GTO standpoint. But when it comes down to it I’m confident I can make correct decisions in big spots (e.g. 99 fold). I follow that. https://t.co/H3tk6Zx2g7

— Alec Torelli (@AlecTorelli) February 16, 2017

@AlecTorelli @HyongSoo would you consider the JJ call a losing call over a larger sample size? If so, what made you call here?

— Wayne Campbell (@MagicMikeXXL__) February 16, 2017

Amen. GTO has its place, but in a HIGH pressure live setting, psychology, reads and intuition are just so much more important IMO. https://t.co/7vaoTLxt5J

— Alec Torelli (@AlecTorelli) February 16, 2017

2) OMGOMGOMG It’s Stream Boat 2017!

By now you know how we feel about yacht-based poker live streams. You can imagine how we feel now that we know Twitch.tv superstars Jamie Staples, Jeff Gross and Bill Perkins will be DOING A WHOLE WEEK from the yacht next month.

It’s called Stream Boat 2017, ob.v, which might be the greatest name in poker history and has major calendar potential. You heard it hear first.

Listen to Staples discuss the plan on the equally great Poker in the Ears podcast with James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton:

3) Play Poker Like the Pros … or Don’t

We’ve explained before why some of the advice you might find in poker books doesn’t exactly stand the test of time (or scrutiny).


Where do the greats rank?

That being said, though, before the Internet really took hold poker books were the source of poker knowledge transfer and we’re grateful for every sentence we’ve read along the way.

Well… almost every sentence.

So, what exactly are the most influential poker books of all-time?

888poker (and PokerListings) contributor Lee Davy took it to the next level with an exhaustive survey/ranking of the best poker books ever.

56 poker pros from 12 different countries were given a list of 129 books and asked to rank them. The results were fascinating – particularly when it comes to the Phil Hellmuth ‘classic’ Play Poker Like the Pros. Check out the full rankings here!

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