Daily 3-Bet: Turtles & Dreams, Cards 4 Unity, LaLa Pokerland

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pair of saddle shoes, a tinkle of the ol’ 88 and a tear-jerking shuffle-ball-change down to the afternoon poker news cash-out desk.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a taste of the #Streamboat good life, poker as a great uniter and the WPT LAPC down to business.

1) Weekend at Hondo’s

Curious what that free week in the Virgin Islands on Bill Perkins’ yacht streaming poker with Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples might look like?

Here’s a sneak peek that includes swimming with sea turtles, James Bond-style submarining w/ Seabobs and a place called Hondo’s Hideout:

Tune into #thirstlounge and learn how to win or check out @JeffGrossPoker @PokerStaplesPA @jaimestaples ….it’s on!!!! pic.twitter.com/KkmNzedvoB

— Bill Perkins (Guy) (@bp22) February 26, 2017

Yes. We would like to try that. Subscribe to Perkins’ Thirst Lounge Channel (or Gross’ or Staples’) for tickets to win a seat in the Streamboat freeroll or sign up at PokerStars for a shot at it, too

2) Seniors & Students, WWII & Vietnam

It’s fitting on a (yet another) day the US president is busy belittling the military and dividing the country with polarizing rhetoric we find two stories that show how a simple card game is more effective than the Drumpf at bringing people together.


Illustration: Bill Bragg, New York Times

One, from the Globe and Mail, shows how distant generations found common ground and forges relationships at the card table.

The other, from Bruce Holbert in the New York Times, how a group of veterans found camaraderie, respect and solace among their peers at a simple $2/$4 Limit table in Vegas.

Let’s hope they get a poker table into the oval office asap and start inviting some new voices in for a little weekend Sviten Special. We even know a good table Sean Spicer could whip off for just a couple hundred bucks.

3) Lead Actor in a Poker Drama Goes to Nick Maimone

While they’re still trying to sort out just what went wrong with the Best Picture envelopes over in Hollywood last night, over in the City of Commerce they have things squared away just fine for the start of Day 3 of the WPT LA Poker Classic.

Nick Maimone

No mix up on current chip leader.

Or at least we hope they do. There’s always a dude that can’t find his proper seat, though, right?

Action is just underway with the final 111 returning for the play down into the money at 66 players and Nick Maimone, an inspiring, award-deserving character in his own right, in the chip lead.

A substantial $1m is up to for the winner this time around and you can follow all the Live Updates as some very big names – including Antonio Esfandiari, Mohsin Charania, Rainer Kempe and Mike Sexton – gun for it right here.

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