Daily 3-Bet: Who is Go0se, Kirk v. Blom, Poker Lin-sanity

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a found tenner, an impulse pack of scratch cards and three lucky sevens appearing before your afternoon poker news eyes.

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Today in the 3-Bet we get to know the hottest player in high-stakes poker, two wildcards go toe-to-toe and Celina Lin inspires in Macau.

1) Joey + Go0se

Before the start of the Poker Masters early last month the name Steffen Sontheimer was known only within a pretty tight circle of hardcore grinders/poker fans.


This is Go0se.

Playing online under the nickname go0se.core! Sontheimer had built up an impressive array of results (and an endorsement as the game’s best player from mentor/backer Fedor Holz) but had yet to really break through into the poker world at large.

Then he went and manhandled 45 or so of the game’s best high-stakes players, final-tabled all 5 Poker Masters events and left Vegas with $2m a sweetly-tailored Purple Jacket.

More people know his name now. But he’s still far from a household name yet.

If you want to know more about him, Joe Ingram has him on his Poker Life Podcast as we speak and will be talking to him for an hour or two. Watch it live (or on replay) below:

2) Aussie Matt Kirk vs. Isildur1 HU

When Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom went on an online poker tear last week and boosted his bankroll by about $1m, we speculated we might be in-sotre for some high-stakes action this week.

True to form, Blom is now sitting at the $100/$200 PLO tables on partypoker playing the similarly non-risk-averse Aussie Matt Kirk – a guy who once bought in to a $250,000 cash game ‘because he was bored.”

So … that should be a good watch.

Matt Kirk and @ViktorBlom back playing HU on @partypoker …Its a fun watch this one ,crazy action pic.twitter.com/DJD9AHGPXg

— Sam Trickett (@Samtrickett1) October 2, 2017

Rail it all at partypoker by signing up for an account here.

3) Celina Lin: Poker has Become “the Golf of China”

As you likely know, we always love to highlight a good, inspiring story about a good, inspiring poker player. Here’s another good one in the South China Morning Post on the fantastic Celina Lin.

Celina Lin

Starting her own Lin-sanity craze in China.

The multi-talented, Shanghai-born, Melbourne-raised Lin tells the story of her move to Macau in 2007 to go pro and how hard it was to convince her parents it was a respectable – and feasible – profession.

“My parents did not understand the game and they felt like it was very similar to playing blackjack and baccarat.


“Because poker tournaments are organised inside a casino, people relate it to all the other games.


“I had to say to them ‘No, you do realise we play against other players, we are not playing against the house? We make decisions after we’re given information’.


“It ended up taking almost three months to turn my dad around and when he did he was really proud.”

She also delves into her rise up the poker ranks, the rise of poker itself in the esteem of the general Chinese public and just how many girls have been inspired enough by her poker journey to take up the game themselves. Read the full piece here.

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