Daily 3-Bet: Wow São Paulo, Isildur Pony Up, Masseur ElkY

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the 888poker world converging on São Paulo, the pull of high-stakes PLO and a new side profession for Bertrand ‘ElkY Grospellier.

1) São Paulo FTW

One of the places in the world we’ve yet – but desperately want – to visit for a live poker festival?

São Paulo, Brazil, where the 888Live Festival is set to kick off today.

It’s the best place to play poker in Brazil, so we’ve heard, and based on our experience with Brazilian rails we can only imagine how fun and welcoming the local hospitality will be.

The Festival schedule also looks great as does the city itself, as you can see from 888poker pro Sofia Lovgren’s arrival:

Arrived in São Paulo for @888poker Festival here this week 6th-12th. How cool isn’t this city?! pic.twitter.com/nu6neg3svC

— Sofia Lövgren (@Sofia_Lovgren) September 6, 2017

We’re pretty sure she meant ‘is’ over ‘isn’t’ there, but you get the idea. It’s too late to win a package but not to make a beeline to the airport and get there in time for Day 1F on Saturday. Vamos!

2) Isildur, Trickett, Tsoukernik Fire Up $100/$200 PLO

If you prefer (or can only afford) to get your poker thrills vicariously, partypoker has the jam for you right now with a killer lineup of high-stakes PLO ongoing in Trickett’s Room:

Join us @partypoker 6pm BST for high stakes action! $100/200 PLO with @Samtrickett1 @Patrik_Antonius @ViktorBlom Tsoukernik, Yong & more pic.twitter.com/k4cgZtrgsD

— High Stakes Poker (@trickettsroom) September 6, 2017

And we’re off! 4 handed to begin with @Samtrickett1 @Patrik_Antonius @jpjachtmann & Pantling aka Thepucker #railbird pic.twitter.com/n5P7NskgaL

— High Stakes Poker (@trickettsroom) September 6, 2017

If you remember the days of Rail Heaven on Full Tilt Poker, you know what partypoker’s hoping to replicate with these high-stakes sessions … and you know things can get really, really fun, quickly. Especially when the Blom-er gets involved.

If you don’t have the partypoker software to rail the action yet, get it right here.

3) ElkY Grinds the Masseur-cuit

H/t to @RobD!pper for finding this gem of an ElkY doppelgänger grinding the massage tables at the Rio:

@elkypoker @nojennyno @nanonoko Elky gone bust and now recouping bankroll as masseur in the Rio ????@RioVegas pic.twitter.com/8MKr6utM5o

— Rob (@RobD1pper) September 5, 2017

As ElkY did win $2.3m in the One Drop this summer he’s likely not feeling the pinch enough to rub some tourists down for cash … although he did say in a recent interview with GQ UK he could have ended up becoming Heisenberg if poker hadn’t worked out.

Either way we get the lols thinking of him saying “so sick, so sick” in either job.

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