Daily 3-Bet: Xuan > Falls, Charlotte > Isildur1, APAs Live!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an old-timey one-piece, a wooden barrel and one big gasp of air as you go over the afternoon poker news falls.

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Today in the 3-Bet Xuan Liu takes a $300k trip over the Falls, Charlotte van Brabander clips Isildur1 and the American Poker Awards incoming from Beverly Hills.

1) Ship the Trophy to Xuan

Whether she needs one chair or two, Toronto’s Xuan Liu is always a formidable opponent at the poker table. She proved it yet again at the ongoing WPT series at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada.

With an added boost from a second chair (see below) Liu topped an impressive field in the $2,500 NL event last night for a nice slice of around $300k CAD, give or take.

We chopped 3way after a long battle but I won the trophy! Thank you all for the kind words and support @natural8dotcom pic.twitter.com/rVtyfXypoC

— Xuan Liu (@xxl23) February 23, 2017

Everyone knows @xxl23 is way too cool for just one chair#wptfallsview pic.twitter.com/an6SuA3HkN

— Rada (@RadaWilinofsky) February 22, 2017

For those wondering at home that’s around $225k USD (at 1.34-1), but still a tidy payday.

We assume she rolled a portion of that straight over into the WPT Fallsview Main Event, which has an even bigger prize up top ($335k USD) and has reached Day 2 with 108 players left. Another PL fav, Ben Wilinofsky, is the overnight chip leader. Follow the live updates here.

2) Charlotte Beats Viktor Heads-Up, ME Begins

Well, that was a nice surprise. The Unibet Poker Open London hosted a couple of fun exhibition matches yesterday featuring the unsinkable Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.


More of Blom to come?

The first was a 9-handed “Battle Royale” against some famed eSports legends; the second was a throwdown with some Unibet Poker ambassadors including Dara O’Kerney, David Lappin, Ian Simpson and Charlotte “Sjlot” van Brabander.

He didn’t win either but just seeing him at the live table again was refreshing. We hope it’s a sign of more to come and a rumor he’s signing a more comprehensive sponsorship deal with Unibet is encouraging.

Also refreshing? Seeing van Brabander again. Poker has taken a backseat against a ton of other passions but as you could see with her beating Blom heads-up to win the Ambassador SNG, she still has some chops too. Check the replay on the Unibet Twitch Channel and tune in below for action from Day 1A of the Main Event.

3) Live from Beverly Hills it’s the American Poker Awards!

The 3rd Annual GPI American Poker Awards are set to go in Beverly Hills tonight and nominees from far and wide are on their way to LA to take part. Included among those nominees? PokerListings Editor-in-Chief Matt Showell and Video Editor Alex Konyves.

En route to @gpi #AmericanPokerAwards, nominated for best media content for Stu Ungar doc. Congrats to all noms! https://t.co/PQDlAdzSeN

— PokerListings (@PokerListings) February 23, 2017

On my way to Beverly Hills for @gpi #AmericanPokerAwards! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

— Matt Showell (@mattshowell) February 23, 2017

Best of luck to all the nominees! We’re looking forward to seeing it all pan out. For those interested, the GPI is streaming it live (along with this afternoon’s American Poker Conference) on Facebook starting at 7 PM PT. Check it out here!

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