Dont ‘Freezeout’ Freeze Outs!

Dont ‘Freezeout’ Freeze Outs!


Its likely happened to most poker players. You €™re grinding away €¦ €™here all day €™ being muttered constantly till you find yourself in THAT position. A player has gone all in over the top of your raise and you €™re faced with the decision €¦.and you make it, and its good, and the player exits ruefully as you rake his chips.

But hold on €¦.is that look on the players face really a rueful one? You then watch as he proceeds to the cash desk and before you know it, he is sat down on another table and is playing away merrily. You run deep, making a min cash and are relatively happy with your work €¦until €¦whats this? You spy THAT guy with mountains of chips in front of him still going and looking set for a far better cash than you €¦.and you bust him out what seems months ago now!!
Rebuys €¦.Re-Entries €¦Second Chances €¦..Lammers €¦.are they really good for tournament poker? Whatever was wrong with good old freezeouts. You bought in, you all had equal chips, you played, you lost, you were a gonna. Goodnight Vienna.

But these days you have more lives than a particularly lucky cat. Most tournaments these days are not about endurance and stack protection and development €¦its about deep pockets and buying a stack. Who truly benefits from this? Two groups in reality €¦the 10% ish of players who ultimately cash, and the Casino, who keep people in their venues for longer and can offer what look to be great value guarantees knowing that by the time players have bought in several times and added on, any guarantee they will put up will be more than covered. All about that word €˜perception €™ €¦.and its fallen for. All too often.

Even the pros aren €™t fans. When asked about the use of lammers in games, Sam Trickett commented €œI definitely don €™t like them. I get the concept because some players prefer to play short-stacked, but I personally like to play deep. I feel like if you lose all your chips in a tournament then that should be it, you should be out. Tournament poker is elimination poker and I don €™t like the fact that players are staying in with a rebuy €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦you should just be given a specific amount of chips and once those chips are gone then you should be out. €

Tournaments should be about eliminating you opponent and moving on to the next. Not have them re-materialise later down the line again like some futuristic clone. Make it fair for all, not just for those who have the ability and wallet to be able to freely spunk off chips, knowing they can just fling more cash at it and hope to get lucky. That €™s what cash tables are for!!!!!

Come on Casinos…give us all a chance…don €™t freezeout the FreezeOuts!!!!