Doug Polk, Kara Scott, Justin Bonomo Catch 888Ride at WSOP

You might be too young to know this but there was a time in America when you could hitch-hike a ride to virtually anywhere.

In fact, that’s how some of the wild and free went on vacation. And the one thing you could guarantee about hitchhiking was that you’d always meet interesting people on the road.

At 888poker they seem to remember those times (and have seen Carpool Karaoke) so they’ve sent poker commentator David Tuchman in a car to pick-up some of the game’s best players around Las Vegas.

So far Doug “What’s up, guys” Polk, WSOP host Kara Scott and Justin Bonomo have caught a ride with Tuchman and it’s surely been … interesting.

Polk Gets Weed, Butchers Teddy KGB

In the first episode Tuchman meets Doug Polk in front of a marijuana dispensary.

Doug Polk

Hey guys!

As you probably know, Nevada recently legalized cannabis and the 47 dispensaries ran out of it in less than 10 days.

Makes you wonder if the WSOP has anything to do with it. David Tuchman and Doug Polk sure do.

Polk muses on how great the Main Event is with its huge field and soft play and how much he loves it.

Then, he says, he typically gets stacked by a Brazilian tourist.

What’s the stupidest way Polk has ever injured himself? Let’s just say it involves breaking up with a girlfriend. 

Also: there’s a Teddy KGB impression.

Check it out below:

Scott Chases Busted Player, Regrets It

In Episode 2 Kara Scott hops into the 888 ride and gets a lift to her hotel. She’s in Vegas to work, not to play, and reflects on how different things and times were when she was a serious poker player.

Don’t forget she once finished second in Europe’s oldest poker tournament, the Irish Open. Scott then recounts her worst interview experience at the WSOP.

At 1:38 you can see the famous “Deuce” bus appearing behind the 888 Ride. It goes up and down the Strip and is the only bus with a poker term name rather than just a number like 2. Only in Vegas.

Bonomo: “My Toe for a Vancouver Summer”

There seems to be something with poker players and toes – see Doug Polk above. ZeeJustin describes life in Vancouver summer as something so stunning and beautiful that he’s ready to lose a small limb just to move the WSOP to November.

It’s doubtful Jack Effel is open to the suggestion but as Bonomo drives with Tuchman to the Rio to play the Main he also tells the story of how he once forgot $10,000 in a tissue box in a hotel room.

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