DTD Has a Big Tournament Coming up.

My thoughts on the DTD/ISPT.
This will come as no surprise to anyone who plays poker in the UK but DTD has taken over the running of the ISPT event which is being played at Wembley stadium soon. If you are a UK poker player you’d have to be a tramp living in a cave with no internet connection for the last few months not to know that fact.
F me, this ISPT looks good.

They are offering all sorts of satellites and freerolls that people can enter and some of the super sats have been terrific value. Last Sunday’s 200 seat guarantee had approximately 480 runners which is just ridiculous value.

DTD seem determined to get the runners for this into the thousands even if they have to practically give the day 1 seats away.
Now one of the freerolls that I could have entry into is a special one for the owners of blogs. DTD posted this up on their Blonde Poker Forum a while back.
Dusk Till Dawn has announced an exclusive free roll for media and bloggers to win one of ten day one seats in the International Stadiums poker Tour.

The freeroll takes place on Monday May 6th at 8:00pm GMT on DuskTillDawnPoker.com and is open to anyone with a blog or website who promotes the ISPT satellite schedule. The tournament has a starting stack of 15,000 and there are 10 x €300 ISPT seats to be won. 

As this is a freeroll exclusively for poker bloggers and poker media, the field is small, meaning your chances of winning a seat will be much greater.

Simply create a post about the ISPT and share your thoughts on the event. Then at the end of the post copy and paste the HTML code below promoting the event. You can tweak the post a little as long as the core message remains. 

Then simply email [email protected] with the link and we will reply back with the password. Please don’t share the password as we will be matching off the winners with their blog post to make sure eligible bloggers win. 

So if I wanted the chance to win one of 10 free Day 1 seats all I had to do was do a post about it (which I’m doing) and ask for the password. (Which I won’t be doing)
Well call me nuts but although I’m writing about the event I will decline the offer of free entry to the satellite.
Why you might ask? Well I don’t have adverts on my blog, I don’t have Google AdSense, or any other form of sponsorship. When I write about something it’s because I think its worthy of being written about. Usually I write about stuff that interests, amuses or tilts me. (Usually I write about stuff that annoys me).
If I “publicise” a poker event it’s because I think it warrants it. I usually promote the APAT events because I totally agree with their philosophy about poker. I will sometimes just mention up and coming events that I intend to play, but whatever the reason there is no ulterior motive for me doing so.
I always try and just put my own thoughts down about stuff and I’d hate to be influenced by the fact that I was effectively being paid to promote something.
As I regularly get 200 people a week read my blog, a lot of whom are Midlands based poker players, it may come as no surprise to you that I’ve had several cardroom managers offer to comp me a drink, meal etc over recent years. I’ve declined on virtually every occasion because I know that at some point in the future I may want to slag off their cardroom and I don’t want to feel indebted to anyone.
I have in the past both praised and criticised DTD when I think it’s been warranted and I will always continue to do so. So thanks DTD for the kind offer of free entry into the satellite but no thanks.
So here are my thoughts on the ISPT.
When I first heard about it, long before DTD got involved, my first worry was that it was a scam! I’ve seen other poker events in the past advertised where people where encouraged to buy-in in advance only for the event not to go ahead and all the money disappear.
When I first looked at the website set up for the event it looked amateurish in the extreme and I was therefore very sceptical. So even allowing for the fact that I was seemingly wrong about that and the people were in fact genuine I still seriously doubted this would ever have had a chance of success if Rob Yong and DTD hadn’t got involved.
One thing DTD can do really well is promote the shit out of an event that’s for sure. (See my last post)
Rob is either very brave or mad to take this project on and then to go as far as guaranteeing the 1million Euro 1st prize. Lol, I’m currently leaning towards mad, but it certainly guarantees that on some level this will be a HUGE success. It will/has got huge attention and will continue to do so.
I doubt there will be a serious poker player in the UK who will not have a DTD online account by the time the Day 1’s are finished. Let’s be honest you’d be bonkers not to try and satellite in and every amateur player with 30euros and a dream will be trying to win a seat.
Even though I’ve refused the offer of a free seat I will play some “paid” satellites in the coming week(s) and I’d advise anyone else who normally plays a £30 comp at their local casino to use that money for this coming week to try and win a seat as well.
If I read the rules correctly you are better off playing Day 1’s online as you carry your chips forward. However the “high rollers” who just rock up to Wembley just get given Chip Average. If you blitz day 1 online you could start with a big advantage for day 2 (which is the real Wembley day 1 if that makes any sense)
So below is the link to the ISPT site that DTD wants promoting. 
I put the link on here for no other reason than I think Rob Yong on this occasion deserves support for what he’s attempting. Britain is famous for having people who are eccentric (mad) and they should be encouraged. If he does his bankroll on this event I may offer to buy him a drink!
As a matter of interest on Bank Holiday Monday instead of playing the bloggers freeroll on DTD I will be at the Gala Birmingham playing their £50 event. Details below.