Sunday, July 31, 2022

DTD Premier League

The DTD Daily Major Premier League starts on Monday 27th July and runs for 4 weeks, ending on Sunday 23rd August. It is split into 4 weeks, with each week acting as its own league, so if you miss a week you aren’t penalised, you can still take part in the rest of them!

To take part players need to Opt In – unless you have already opted in to the Ironman Challenge, in which case we’ll assume you fancy a slice of this great promotion as well!

Simply play in the following tournaments, and we’ll add up your total cashes. This determines your position in the league table! The more you win, the better your position. For the purposes of the league table, we’ll include any tickets won in these tournaments as cash in addition to the cash you win. Any bounties won will not be counted towards winnings.

Daily Major: $500 Gtd DTD Nano

Daily at 6pm: $1.10 Buy In - $500 Guaranteed includes 25 x $5.50 DTD Tickets


Daily Major: $1000 Gtd DTD Micro

Daily at 7pm: $5.50 Buy In - $1000 Guaranteed includes 10 x $27.50 DTD Tickets


Daily Major: $5000 Gtd DTD Mini

Daily at 8pm: $27.50 Buy In - $5000 Guaranteed includes 10 x $120 DTD Tickets

Each week we’ll add up how much money (and tickets) you win in these three great tournaments, the player with the highest return wins!

Ah the oh-so important prizes:

1st £1000 Heads Up Match v Rob Yong + £330 DTD Ticket
2nd to 5th £330 DTD Ticket
6th to 10th $120 DTD Ticket (Online) & Grand Prix Chip
11th to 30th $27.50 DTD Ticket (Online)
31st to 50th $5.50 DTD Ticket (Online)

£330 DTD Tickets will be held on your DTD Club Account, the $120, $27.50 and $5.50 Prizes will be paid into your partypoker accounts.

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