I am currently on a holiday with my girlfriend in Dubai. We decided to go somewhere, where I couldn’t gamble to avoid the fights any sicko is well aware of……. You’re going out for dinner she goes to get herself done up which generally takes women about an hour so just to kill the hour you jump in a few games. The hours up and you find yourself A. winning and the games to good to leave B. losing and you don’t want to leave, even if you do you won’t be able to enjoy your night knowing some clown has made off with your money. You wolf your dinner down make some excuse about not feeling too well and try get home nice and quickly before the poker gods have done a Hoodini with your money.
Dubai is a really cool place. Given that its all relatively new everything is really nice and there is loads to do. Everything is priced similar to home except alcohol which is a little more expensive. There is loads of cool stuff to do. Tomorrow I am off skiing for the day in there artificial snow centre. There’s a huge ex-pat community and me and Caroline made friends with a few and we’re off to a boat party with them on Friday.
The big story in the poker world over the last few weeks has been Pokerstars hiking up their rake. I said it when Pokerstars acquired Full Tilt that this was very bad for players. The first lesson we got in Leaving Cert economics is that a monopoly is never good for consumers. In the short term consumers might benefit and the company trying to monopolize will reduce prices to put other competitors out of business once these are driven out they hike up the prices. There’s talk of player strikes and other actions will be interesting to see if anything comes to past but I would urge people to support any player actions which try to let poker stars know we’re not fools.