Epic Cooler Busts Selbst in First Level of WSOP Main Event Day 1B

Vanessa Selbst’s Main Event didn’t even last one level thanks to what might be the most memorable hand of the 2017 World Series of Poker.

Selbst played the second Day 1 flight of the $10,000 buy-in world championship event and was seated at the feature table, streamed live with hole cards by ESPN.

She’s thought of as one of the toughest tournament players in the game and her career earnings total almost $12 million.

Selbst’s final hand began when she picked up pocket aces and raised to 400 with blinds at 75/150.

French poker pro Gaëlle Baumann, who finished 10th in the Main Event in 2012, called with pocket sevens. WSOP bracelet winner Noah Schwartz also called.

Selbst bet 700 when the flop came A 7 5. Baumann called and Schwartz folded.

The turn was a disaster for Selbst, the 7.

Selbst checked her full house and Baumann bet 1,700. Selbst raised to 5,800 and Baumann moved all-in, forcing Selbst to a decision for her remaining chips, roughly 20,000.

“This might be a quick Main Event for me. I don’t know if I’m good enough to fold this,” said Selbst.

After making the call and seeing Baumann’s quads Selbst claimed she was actually close to folding.

Dubini Leads, Ending Day w/ Double Knockout

2,164 players entered the second Day 1 flight of this year’s Main Event and roughly 1,700 survived to advance to Day 2.

WSOP Main Event Day 1B2

Roughly 1,700 players survived Day 1B.

Combined with the first starting flight, that number brings the total entries so far to 2,959. That means 3,778 must enter tomorrow to match last year’s overall number.

Finishing Day 1B as the chip leader with 254,500 was Argentinian Richard Dubini.

Dubini had already built a six-figure stack going into the final level of the night but knocked out two players to take over the chip lead.

Abe Mosseri and another player were all-in on a Q J 7 flop and Dubini, still to act, called with top two pair. Mosseri had K Q for top pair and a flush draw while the third player in the hand had a big combo draw with A T.

Dubini made a full house on the turn and eliminated both players, taking his stack to around 269,000.

Here’s a look at the unofficial top ten from Day 1B, courtesy of WSOP.com.

Richard Dubini – 254,500
Serge Chechin – 229,800
Naoya Kihara – 220,700
Alan Schein – 218,000
Brandon Meyers – 216,000
Tobias Ziegler – 215,300
Brandon Adams – 203,500
Tex Barch – 200,000
Albert Daher – 198,500

Also advancing to Day 2 with over 100k are Kenny Hallaert, Fabrice Soulier, Hasan Habib, Barry Greenstein, Matt Glantz, Elio Fox, Andy Frankenberger, Bryn Kenney and Layne Flack.

WSOP Chips and Cards

One more starting day remains.

Other pros weren’t so lucky. Justin Bonomo, Nacho Barbero, Jesse Sylvia, Dan O’Brien, Greg Merson, Chris Moneymaker and Kevin Saul all went bust before the end of Day 1B

Second Crazy Hand of the Day

If Vanessa Selbst’s wild elimination hand wasn’t crazy enough, WSOP.com reported another unbelievable matchup later in the day.

Eric Maumann, Alex Louro and Eric Berger were all-in before the flop. Two players had pocket aces and one had pocket kings.

The dealer rolled out the Q J T, the 9 turn and the 8 river to put a straight flush on the board.

All three players were able to take their chips back and move on to the next hand.

Tomorrow is the third, final and by far largest Day 1 flight. Check back on PokerListings.com for more action.

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