As I stated in a blog a while back that I was planning to move on from the gambling world and alas that time is nearly upon us, as a result myself and Boylepoker have come to logical conclusion to go our separate ways. I think I have been writing blogs for Boylepoker since 2008. It’s been an interesting 7 years with plenty of ups and down. I’d like to thank Boyles and all the team there that I have dealt with over the years (Ciaran, Gerry, Lisa and Paul), turning my dyslexic miss mash of words into readable statements.
I arrived in Vegas yesterday for a last roll of the dice. I am hoping I can have a Brain O’Driscoll-esque farewell by bringing the curtain down in style by having a good WSOP. This doesn’t mean that I will never play poker again, its just means it will go back to being a hobby. From my observation people who play it as a hobby actually seem to enjoy playing it. So really looking forward to, looking forward to playing poker sometime in the near future.
Thanks a million to all the people who read the blog over the years and hopefully some other clown will come along and fill the void!