From Galway to Dundalk

Poker has taken a back seat to punting sports for me over recent months.

You got to take the cash where you’re getting it and it’s been some time now since that place has been the poker table for me. Every time I’m leaving for a weekends poker there’s an opportunity cost conflict as I’m going pretty well with the punting, while poker paydays are very thin on the ground indeed.

It’s at the stage now where the only poker events I’m attending are attractive socially or very convenient geographically. I played the Celtic Poker final a couple of weeks ago on geographical grounds. I shouldn’t have bothered, I treated a semi decent stack with such distain it should probably incur some kind of penalty or ban.

Fast forward to last weekend and a trip to Galway which without doubt falls into the social category. The poker was the launch tournament for Januarys Irish Poker Championship. Held in Caesars Salthill it was a satellite for the game in January with lots of added value including bounties of which I was one.

Marek runs a good ship in Caesars and similar to my visit earlier in the year for the IPO Galway launch, it was a great night with a super atmosphere in the club and a big turnout.

While Fintan had summoned me to the IPC launch a while back, the fact it was on the same night as “the Grids” Xmas party made the trip to Galway all the more attractive. All I say on that is those lads sure know how to party and Galway always delivers for a good night out. I’m looking forward to returning for the Championships the first week in January.

This weekend I’m travelling to the home of Boylepoker, Dundalk. My buddy Alex is home from Malta and insistent we travel to a game. He’ll definitely enjoy the Boylepoker Megastack as 100k starting stack to splash about with is the perfect structure for him. The game take place in the Fairways Hotel starting at 2pm, €10,000 guaranteed with €120 entry, hopefully see you there