From Pub Poker To The World Series Of Poker

From Pub Poker To The WSOP

The Live Pub Poker League have already written their names in the UK poker history books €¦.already one of the premier Pub Poker Leagues in the U.K, they sprang to fame back in 2009, when on their inaugural trip to Las Vegas, one of their group Steve €˜El Donko €™ Bradbury finished 7/2095 runners in a WSOP $1500 event, cashing for nearly $75,000, and becoming the first pub poker player to Final Table a WSOP event.

This run of amazing success stories continued, as a year later, defending LPPL National Champion Peter Cook, from South Shields, cashed in the same event, finishing 142nd for just over $3k. In October 2012, LPPL €™s Tom Brady won the International Poker Open in Dublin for ‚¬42k, and followed that up with a Final Table appearance in the Irish Open in February 2013 for ‚¬36k. For the WSOP 2013, LPPL entered 6 players into Event 18 of the WSOP €“ and three of them cashed out of the 2,071 runners €“ Mark Rowbottom (170/$2100), Tom Brady (142/$2100) and J-P Payne (42/$6800). They attended the 2013 IPO Dublin and saw Andrew Hall finish second for a chopped ‚¬25,000 €“ all these events the players attended by virtue of LPPL and their play within their Poker League of choice.

The LPPL are again in Las Vegas, having taken over 30 prizewinners to the Poker Capital of the World, and once again they have entered players into WSOP Events.  And once again, and very much holding up the tradition of spectacular success at the tables, it  was another red letter day for the LPPL and their family of players.

David €˜Chucky €™ Burt, from Boston, Lincolnshire and Liam Alcock, from Rotherham, Sth Yorkshire, had already experienced much success within the LPPL. Dave is a multiple Area Final winner, whilst Liam had won the LPPL Champion of Champions in 2012 and this year was runner up in their Flagship event of the calendar, the LPPL National Championships.

They were well known to one another and also to the LPPL community. Both had been selected to represent LPPL at the APAT Team Championships, held at the G Casino, Luton, in 2012. Captaining that team was John Murray €“ who also played and cashed the same event as Dave played at this years WSOP €“ Andrew Hall (mentioned earlier) was also part of that team.

Team LPPL - Jan 2012 - Dave (bottom left), Liam (bottom right) - also John Murray (bottom 2nd right), Andy Hall (top right)






Team Shark

Both Dave and Liam were also founding members of €˜Team Shark €™ €“ a small private poker group put together by afore-mentioned WSOP Casher Mark €˜The Shark €™ Rowbottom €“ to travel and play selected poker events as a team. Small in number currently €“ but very select.




Dave ‘Chucky’ Burt

Dave entered Event 21 €“ a $1k three day No Limit Holdem tournament that attracted 2.043 runners, whilst Liam took to the two day No Limit Holdem Turbo event €“ Event 23 on the schedule that got 1,473 runners.

Both battled their way successfully through Day 1, Liam ending the day as 3rd chip leader, and Dave plotted his way through Day 2 also, making Day 3 with 12 remaining. Both had made the cash and now were laddering up to dizzying heights of cashes. Both made the Final Table and dreamed of winning the ultimate piece of poker bling €“ but unfortunately neither could manage it. Dave exited his FT in 9th place, cashing for over $24,000 whilst Liam gained 5th on his, collecting over 54,000 dollar bills for his troubles.

Liam Alcock

The Pokeriety will be bringing you exclusive interviews with both Dave and Liam when they return from Las Vegas and we €™ll gain insight into their WSOP experiences and more about them as people €“ but we would sure like to congratulate them both on a fantastic performance and proof once again that the dream CAN turn into reality €¦..and further proof that it seems if any pub poker player wants the best chance of achieving this, then the LPPL is the likely place to provide it for you!!