G Coventry Friday Night Megastack Turbo - No Thanks

Let me say right away that I don’t like 15 minute blind levels and avoid playing them whenever possible but when a friend of mine who works nights gets a Friday off I feel duty bound to go with him as he can only play on a Friday about 4 times a year.
This week was one of those rare occasions so I suggested we go to the G Coventry even though I knew it was a 15 minute clock. They have low stakes cash games there which suit me and if I busted out 1st I’d have to wait for him so it seemed the better option.
I really wish we’d gone somewhere else as poker wise it was a complete waste of time. 
The structure
5 x 25 min levels (which is fine) then after the break 15 min blind levels and an ante structure deliberately designed to waste as much time as possible. 
The blind structure at the G Cov is without doubt the best in the Midlands (if you ignore how long the clock is) but since the recent student championship they held there they seem to have adopted an ante policy that beggars belief.
In all honesty with a 15 min clock I would question whether it needs ante’s at all but if you are going to have them then 25, 50 and 100 and so on are as complicated as they should get.
For a 15 minute blind level to have ante’s start at 25 then 50 then 75 then 100 then 150 wtf is that all about? 
When I was there last night my table was full of your typical social night out beer fuelled poker lads. I had at least 4 “pub poker” guys on my table who were downing pints with alarming regularity and to be fair it was pretty friendly stuff with some decent banter.
I made my mind up I wasn’t going to take it too seriously when I realised the structure was bad and the standard of play was worse. 
For the pub players the structure was absolutely perfect but for anyone taking the poker even remotely seriously it was a nightmare.
When the ante’s were 75 the dealer wasted so much time collecting them in that the value they had of speeding the game up by creating bigger pots is negated by the fact that so few hands an hour are dealt. With at least 4 players on my table who were more interested in ordering the next round than posting their ante we were playing about 5 hands per level. 
The dealer was constantly having to badger people for their ante’s and that was even with me doing the 4 at my end of the table for him.
So I won’t be going to the Ricoh on a normal Friday again for a while which is a shame as I do like it there. The staff are on the whole excellent and I was in seat 1 and was therefore able to talk to Nikki for the first few levels which was nice as I’ve not seen her for quite a while.
My Suggestion
Drop the ante’s for this comp it will make it easier for the dealers and the inexperienced players. I know it’s tough for them to remember to post as it’s only every hand!
Or maybe don’t bother with them till you’ve raced off the 25’s and then start them from 100 ante.
The comp was well attended so I wouldn’t change the blind levels leave them at 15 minutes, I realise that I’m often in the minority with my views on structures as I take the game way too seriously most of the time.
For the average player there on Friday night the game seemed just about perfect as it gave them all a fighting chance. 
The Titan
Next weekend the Titan returns but sadly due to work commitments I’ll have to miss it again. 
Even though the normal Friday night comp is now awful it has to be said that the Titan is IMO the best structured £50 comp in the UK. 
Sure DTD have bigger guarantees for £50 but the blind levels and structure are far superior in the Titan and it’s winnable.

To win a Grand Prix at DTD you’d have to run like God but I believe that the Titan offers a realistic chance of getting a decent cash.

The last 2 months the 10k guarantee has been smashed (£17k and 13k I think) and players really seem to like it.
So GL to all playing the Titan this coming week.