Goa’n to the IPC

Yes I know the IPC is over, sure wasn’t I writing about the Cookie Jar’s success a few weeks ago. I am looking further a field than the Emerald shores. When all the big Dogs are off in the at PCA and Aussie Millions washed up poker players like myself have to look elsewhere for value. I am off to the Indian Poker Championships in Goa. I am not going to pretend India a place I always wanted to go to be honest sounds like hell on Earth but apparently Goa not like the rest of India, it’s supposed to be pretty nice. With the India economy booming I reckon its worth a look.My girlfriend got a job in Dubai so looks like I will be spending more time in that part of the world, be nice if there’s a spot close by I sneak off to get “sick”. I am not talking about getting the deli belly more expressing by gambling sickness.


Which reminds me of a cracking line I heard while playing the big game in Lukes last week. Discussing some poker player/tables games grinder someone comment they had seen they in a while and they must have stopped. Another player quickly chirped “dont worry hes getting sick somewhere”. The game was very lively and I managed to recoup some of my losses in it. So back to break even for the year.


Was planning a very short Vegas this year 2 weeks around main event but with Conor McGregors fight schedule for around 24th of May, might throw my plans into disarray. An Irish Man fighting for a World Title in Las Vegas is must attend event if possible.