Happy New Year!

I’m Back! Hello everyone A few years ago my blog was inherently part of my identity, I remember when i used to play live poker tournaments from time to time and I’d make the updates (usually for walking in the building over doing any good in the tournament!) and it would say things like “blogger extraordinaire” “online poker blogger” David Nicholson. Jesse May who is one of my all time favorite people in gambling even once referred to it as “the best thing on the internet” (obviously Porn is the best thing on the internet!) This wasn’t something that bothered me at all, the fact that i was known for the blog over my poker achievements, in fact i actually loved it, created a bit of mystique about me, people started to think i might be kind of a big deal, but no-one knew why! That is actually way more of an interesting character to play than the guy with a 26% ROI over 11,000 online tournaments, and a shiny picture of you on a magazine cover with an EPT trophy.   This worked nicely with my personally, I’ve never been a naturally braggy person – I find it a … Continue reading