Hell on Earth

I said India wasn’t really a place I ever wanted to visit from what I heard about it I knew it wasn’t really my kind of place, but when you need to get sick………….. Me and the 3 Lads headed over late Thursday evening, the 2 Daves and Ross. On the way over I asked one of the lads did he like Indian food (its one of my favorites hard to beat a chicken tika masla and a garlic nan) as I taught it might be one of the few things I’d like there, to which he replied “yeh just not when I am India”, never a truer word spoken.
The flight was an hour delayed which is standard apparently all Indian flights an hour late, just their culture. So when we got there the Car we had booked wasn’t there and he had to get a local taxi which was a mini hiace van with no seat belts. It was little more than a tin can and given our driver was using both sides of the road it made for an interesting ride. We got to the hotel which looked nice in the pictures and wasn’t actually the worst if it wasn’t in India. A note for anyone going to Indian don’t believe anything your told. We booked 2 twin rooms, we got 2 king beds, apparently the hotel didn’t even have twins rooms. The excellent wire-fi promised didn’t exist. As a welcoming gift there was a dead cockroach the size of a match box outside our room.
Off to casino we went which was on a river boat. Although being told our names were on the guest list they weren’t which took about 30 minutes to figure out, again the wifi promised on board didn’t exist. The games were much smaller than I was told too. The game didn’t play deep enough for the rake. I won €1500 the first night. The next day we decided to have a few beers watching the sport which we figured out while watching Indian time was 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT, first country ever been to not on the hour. Anyway we got fairly drunk started watching/drinking about 6.30 pm finished up at 3 a.m and headed to casino. I reckon with 15 + beers on board (no pun intended) I am generally about a 1/10 shot to get removed from a gambling premises once I enter. Ripping up my pants  making a head band and pretending to an Indian was enough to do it on this occasion. They were not used to any kind of messing it seems, got a full security detail. Not that I will ever being going back but a life barring made sure of that.
A very hung over day another 1 hour delayed flight and I am back in Dubai.