You Miss ME?! So after nearly 4 months away from my virtual pen, I’m making a triumphant return to my blog – my hiatus, though not entirely planned, has been for pretty good reason. Sometimes, and this year has defo been one of those, I over-stretch myself – not in terms of how much stuff i’m doing, but mentally – this year has been pretty busy and sometimes I’ve felt like im choking with everything going on around and the situations I’m putting myself in. When that happens I want to curl up and sit in the dark on my sofa, not write about it. However as with all shameless self promoters (not my words ) ego will always take over and i’ll always be back!! SO. Whats been happening? WELL I’LL TELL YOU !!! POKER :-   Poker ey? Well you’ll be surprised to learn I’ve been playing an absolute heap of poker this year, and it’s been pretty damn swingy. Online poker, despite a terrible start in January, has been pretty solidly excellent all year, the first 2 months of the year saw a huge rush of 20/50 euro games running on iPoker, and despite snap losing £25k in … Continue reading