Home Sweet Home

Just touched back down in Dublin after a lovely few weeks in Dubai.

Bit of a change in climate from walking around in shorts and beater and wondering if you will nip upstairs for a swim to piling on the layers to nip up to the shops to grab some Milk. Looking forward to getting back into the online grind, was chatting to Dermot Blaine and he was saying the the 5/10 plo games have been really good on boylepoker of late which seen him bank some really nice wins. Historically Christmas has always been a pretty good time for games, people get there Christmas bonuses etc and join in the festive spirit by sharing it with the online poker community.
Also look forward to is the annual trip to Prague, given I am just back I shortened my trip this year and am heading out a little bit later. Heading over next Thursday for day 1b of the main event. After a really good start to the year winning the IPO Galway, the Scoop event and some WSOP deep runs, thing haven been pretty barren the 2nd half of the year. The highlight of the last 6 months was cashing in 10 million guaranteed in Florida for $7500 which I spent $15k entering, yep that kind of sums it up. I haven’t booked one winning month in the 2nd half of the year but I turn 30 this December so hopefully they’ll be some cheer for the birthday boy.