Hoping for a Miracle

Well I ended up staying on Dubai for a couple of reasons.
1. There wasn’t much poker on between now and Malta. I decided this year I’d go for quality over quantity. I have pushed on in years, now at the tender age of 30 I have noticed that live trips have become  both mentally and physically draining. In the past with much softer fields it was a lot easier to secure a few cashes, it was rare you would leave Dublin and not return without some exotic flag on your Hendon Mob. Now it’s common occurrence to return with a duck egg. Giving up a week or 10 days dropping 10/15k on tournaments along with a few k in expenses really leaves a hole on the balance sheet. When I started playing EPT’s this wasn’t a big deal and could be patched up with a good night or a mediocre week. Now your looking at 2 months of heavy digging.
It’s a fact of life the older you get the easier it is to put on weight despite the best intentions you usually end up eating pretty shit on these trips. After a gruelling bust out there’s only 2 options, lots of goodies, probably pizza and chips followed but ice cream or about 10 pints and 6 jaegers.
So with Malta, Irish Open, Scoop and WSOP very much the focus I have taken the first 2 months of the year pretty easy. Listening to Conor McGregor who is now an authority on all things it seems the recipe for success is 70% mental 30% physical. I think I am in a good place with both so really looking forward to Malta in a few days.

2. There’s no getting away from the fact that my income from poker has been steadily falling over the past few years. It seems to be a common trend for most. When I set out in poker I said I’d be out by 30. I am not sure if I am jumping or being pushed ( I’d like to think I am jumping but in reality I am being pushed) but unless something drastic changes I am going to have to return to the working world at some stage in the near future. My girlfriend now working in Dubai and I really like the place so I stayed here an extra few weeks and did a few job interviews etc. There is lots going on here and there is a few job sectors I could see myself entering. I have gotten some positive feed back and the chances are at some stage in September 2015 I will be waking up at 8 a.m to an alarm clock. Given that gambling is illegal here I think it would be a good place to go for a clean break. Break up’s can be messy, gambling like the clingy ex always waiting for you at 3 a.m on a Saturday night for the easy fix and then trying to rope you back in.
Hopefully I’ll just bink a decent score and I can continue to take the piss for another few years.