I Want To Be A Part Of It!

 I Want to Wake Up in a City That Never Sleeps! Happy New Year merry readers! After what can onnnllly be described as a manic end to ’13 has transferred into a pretty manic start to 2014!! The first, and perhaps most pressing, point to address was my address, it was exactly 6 yrs ago to the month I left home from the security of a fridge that magically restocked itself, the carpets which never needed hoovering and where light bulbs never went out! A very different lil Dave left home in January, I had no idea that a massage parlour in Vegas was anything other than a place to get a massage (still remember the mocking laughter from Franky and Eames as I commented “people in Vegas must love massages if all these parlours can stay in business?”) I had never watched darts, rarely bet on football and my lifes goals were focused on climbing the corporate ladder. Funny looking back, I guess “the same roads” really do lead to “different places” – life’s a journey, deaths the destination someone once told me…I’m not sure If I actually agree with that, but it makes sense enough when you think … Continue reading