Improve your website conversions

Every so often we work with our partners to give you information that you might find useful for your working lives, and this is one of those times.

1 in 5 Website Shoppers Prefer Live Chat

A survey of 1,000 regular online shoppers revealed that live chat is the preferred communication method for 20% of the population. Those that prefer live chat are more likely to buy frequently, live in households with higher annual incomes, and be aged 31 to 50.

Drive More Website Conversions & Higher AOV

Chatters are 4 times more likely to convert than a regular website visitor and average order values are typically 25% higher. During in-depth interviews with online businesses, the e-tailing group heard directly from merchants that live chat positively impacted every single website metric. “Chat performance is 5x conversion rates of other points of contact.” “Live chat is 10 times normal site conversion” “We get 20% conversion from both chat and phone, but the phone costs me 3 to 4 times as much.”

Drive Down Support Costs

Live chat also makes sense in a support setting. The asynchronous nature of chat, combined with an agent’s ability to handle more than one text based communication at once delivers a near immediate return to the bottom line.

Easy to Deploy & Customize

Live chat technology is a powerful tool yet simple to install and operate. Because BoldChat is offered as a hosted service, you need only to paste a small snippet of HTML code onto your site to get started.

Why BoldChat Live Chat?

Because we know that your success is about more than our software.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your search for a live chat software provider or if you’re already very knowledgeable about the options available, you’re bound at some point to ask yourself a fundamental question – “What’s the difference between all these live chat companies and what does that mean for my business?”

The fact is: you won’t find much product differentiation out there – we all provide essentially the same thing. Anybody that tells you they have technical superiority in the live chat software space, isn’t focused on the factors that can truly drive business results for customers. Does that mean our technology isn’t top-notch or innovative? No, it simply means that the differences that will ultimately matter to your business don’t fall under that heading. Here are 5 that do:

5 Ways BoldChat is Different

1. Customer Commitment

We hear time and again from customers that our support is personal, fast, and effective. For two years in a row, 96% of customers say the support we provide is good or excellent.

2. Research

Nobody invests more money in understanding how to optimize live chat. Our research has led to product improvements, documented best practices, and a profile of the shopper who prefers live chat above all.

3. eCommerce Expertise

We serve 24 of the Internet Retailer Top 500 and 85 of the Second 500 making us the #2 provider amongst the 1,000 largest ecommerce sites.

4. Focus on the Live Chat Agent

We know that the success of a live chat session has more to do with the agent than with the software they use. This philosophy impacts our product roadmap, directing us to focus on features and updates that make agents more efficient.

5. Value

For the money, we believe we have the most robust, scalable, and flexible solution on the market today.

Finding the right live chat software for your website is easy with BoldChat. All the products share a common infrastructure so no matter where you start you can upgrade seamlessly when you need more features. The interface remains the same for agents too – they need only become familiar with the new functionality. With multiple pricing options, you can be confident that BoldChat has the right-sized chat product for your site.


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