Dear game investors, game developers, experienced start-uppers and open minded poker pundits,

Welcome to this blog about the development of a new online poker game. By adding additional flavors to the near perfect brew that is online poker I and the rest of the people already involved hope to concoct something that fills a gap in the market by feeding the need of people worldwide to play serious online poker without the necessity of real money stakes.

We want players clawing at their screens when they lose and scratching their heads as they try and come to terms with the game’s added strategic depth. We want expand the reach of competitive poker. And we want to make make money in a legit and fair manner.

We believe we have a great recipe. With ten years of e-gaming experience each within our respective fields we know what we’re getting ourselves into. So we know we’d be fools to go at it alone. We need more skills. And we need serious financial backing sooner or later. This is not a cheap space to conquer.

We’ve invested countless hours into developing the concept. We’ve spent countless more building a stand-alone poker platform that can support (and to a degree already does) many of the game’s novelties. The process of patenting some of the game’s unique mechanics and procedures has begun and if you came here from the front page (or look below) you’ve already seen some of the concept graphics being produced for the game. We’re making small progress every day. But we’re still a long way from launch.

Our game borrows game mechanics and free-to-play monetization techniques from other video games and fuses them into poker. We think that’s an absolutely crucial step for poker to take.  Gameplay innovation is inevitable if the game’s audience is to grow and players are to remain immersed. We praise the people who came up with Open-face Chinese Poker. It’s a great example of someone tweaking traditional poker to create something novel. We also praise the companies who’ve proven that free-to-play poker is viable proposition. But we think that mold has reached the same crossroads – the gameplay experience has gone stale and the basic social poker business model has stalled. Someone needs to evolve it.

Join us, the Cat, Bigstack, Tiger Lily and The Shuffler in our efforts to do just that.

Within a couple of weeks our game studio will have its own site. A demo is scheduled for August.  But if we’ve managed to peak  peek  pique (sigh) your interest already at this stage; if you or the company you represent would be interested in getting involved early and if you think you can offer what it will take to kick this project into overdrive, please shoot me an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.

No promises of course. This is an nontraditional reach-out. I get that. Merely launching this blog  may produce negative fallout. It’s the price we have to pay for not being experienced entrepreneurs and preferring to do things our way. We feel it’s a risk worth taking. Hopefully our read is right.

Until the next update – or until we hear from you- thanks for reading!

The LDP Team