IPO 2014 Day 1A – Levels 1-3

14:05 Welcome to the IPO Dublin 2014!

We just under one hour away from one of the most exciting events on the poker calendar as the International Poker Open Dublin 2014 is set to kick-off at the Regency Hotel in Dublin.

The event is €200+€30 buy in with three starting days. Players have the option to re-enter each day regardless of whether they bust or not. For Day 2, a player’s largest remaining stack will continue while any smaller stacks they have will be taken out of play.

The re-entry option adds an interesting dynamic to play as players will have up to three bullets to try and build a large enough stack to ensure a deep run.

Everyone will start with a 30,000 chips and there will be 12 levels of play for each of the Day 1’s.