IPO 2014 Day 1A – Levels 7-9

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21:18 Tables Breaking

The final total of entrants for today is 321 entrants which is an increase of 71 on last year which bodes well for numbers for the rest of the tournament. The clocks says there are 260 players remaining but the bustout rate is increasing fast. The cry of seat open is becoming a lot more common.

21:15 Michelle Gavigan Chipping Up

Michelle “Sat Nav” Gavigan has been playing pretty snug today but picking her spots has led to a big scoop over on Table 19. She just eliminated Hendrik Blokdijk to add to her stack of roughly 60k.


21:11 Level 8 – Blinds 300/600 Ante 75

21:07 Good Call.. Bad explanation?

Antinino Gagliano has just been in a big pot with Padraig Parkinson.

On the turn of a 9 8 9 Q board, Antinino bets out 5k into a three way pot, and Padraig makes it 10K. The third player gets out of the way and Antinino calls. River is a five.

Antinino checks to Padraig who bets out 20K, essentially putting Antinino all in.

He thinks for a while then calls, and wins the pot with pocket Kings, against Padraig’s stone cold river bluff with AJ.

Two or three players instantly say Good call to him, and there is no doubt it was indeed a good call.

Slightly diminished a second later however when Antinino pipes up “I put him on JT”, which would have made a straight and therefore sending him and his pocket kings home.

21:01 Cooler

Catching action on the flop the board read 8c-Jh-8h. Lenards Dambis bet out before John Keown put enough in to cover Dambis who quickly called. Dambis was way ahead with 8s-5s to Keown’s 4s-4d. The turn was a dagger to Dambis as the 4h came and there was no miracle on the river as the 2h completed the board.

20:57 Dropping like flies

Three way all in on table 13, proving unlucky for two of them.

Harmon Hannon raises with pocket nines: Steve Reynolds shoves his short stack of 14K over the line, swiftly followed by an allin by Ido Franklin, again with just 14K. Harmon makes the call from his short stack of about 25K.

Reynolds has A6, Ido has AK, and Harmon manages to dodge everything for his pocket pair to hold, taking his stack back up to 60K, well over the average of 37K.

20:53 There’s Always Tomorrow

Three of Ireland’s most recognisable poker faces share a post bustout discussion. Sean Prendiville, Nicky Power and Mark McDonnell will need to reload tomorrow if they want to continue in the IPO Dublin 2014.


20:45 Padraig Parkinson takes the lead

I arrived at Padraig Parkinson’s table in time to see him take down a 100K pot holding 2 4 off suit.

I didn’t see how the betting went before the turn but on the board of 4s Tc 2c Padraig bet out 9k, Michael Ven de Weghe raised it to 20K, swiftly followed by an announcement of all in from Padraig.

An even faster call by Michael whho turns over AK.

He looks at Padraig’s 24 and slowly said “I think I go home now!”

His crystal ball was working correctly – no help on the river and Michael is out.

Padraig Parkinson is our new chip leader and celebrates once again “Valet table four please”

20:42 Featured Chip Counts

Dave Masters

Dave Masters

Andrew Hall 16.6K
Rory Brown 22.6k
Tom Kitt 46.6k
Declan Connolly 31k
Paul Burke 54.5k
Emmett Davis 39.7k
Dave Master 68.3k
Michelle Gavigan 35.7k
Fergal Nealon 34k
Michael Farrelly 41k
Padraig Parkinson 47k
Shaun Hegarty 57.7k
Andy Black 28k
Cathal Shine 39k
John O’Shea 28k
Paul Carr 30k

20:30 Chip Leaders

Top five chip counts as we come back after the dinner break:

1. Mahmood Rasheed 105000
2. Gabrielle Ng 97400
3. John Fitzgerald 96800
4. V. Maliauskas 81400
5. Gerry Mcardle 81225

Looks like no one else has beleived Mahmood either – Paul Campbell is not alone.

20:28 Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 Ante 50
We have re-started the action here at the IPO Dublin Day 1A after the dinner break. There will be six more 40 minute levels played tonight before the action concludes. Late registration for Day 1A is now closed so if you want to play come tomorrow or on Saturday for the final two Day 1’s.