IPO 2014 Day 1B – Levels 10-12

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23:30 Level 11 – Blinds 600/1200 Ante 100

23:27 Quads!

Watimee Robinson was down to around 15k and patiently waited to find a good shoving hand. Pocket tens were more than enough but Richard Sheehan was waiting with his pocket aces to quickly call.

The flop came with two tens to give Robinson quads! We have all heard of aces been cracked but this time they were destroyed.

23:22 Doppleganger

Noel McElroy is one of our chip leaders now with just under 150K.

I thought his name was familiar so checked him on Hendon Mob for his stats.

Turns out his name was familiar as it’s the same as a mate I play poker with every week in my local casino back in England, but it’s definitely not him with all the chips. He’d never miss a weekend in his cab, not even for the IPO.

23:10 It’s oh so quiet…

It’s really quiet on the action front as far as big hands or big plays go at the moment.

With the blinds going up a few more players are making their one move with relatively shorter stacks, and still getting many of them through.

No one seems to be doing it light though: I just watched three hands that involved AA vs AA, AK vs AK and Jacks vs Jacks. Slight anticipation of excitement when three diamonds ran out on one of the aces boards, but no, they held and pots were chopped once again.

I watched Fintan Gavin for a while hoping for at least some banter to report but he was engrossed with playing pool on his phone: by the time I got back round to him, he was out!

22:55 Broadway

Guy Webster opened the action by raising to 2.5k pre-flop but Sean Prendiville repopped it 7.5k in the cutoff. Webster called and we saw a Qd-Kc-4c flop which was checked around as was the Qh turn. The 10s river though induced Webster to bet 8k which Prendiville called without much hesitation. Webster quickly showed Ax-Jx for the rivered straight.

Prendiville exclaimed “I knew it!” and inquired if Webster would have bluffed the river had he missed. Webster said he wouldn’t have. Prendiville is now under major pressure to survive through the night.

22:50 Level 10 – Blinds 500/1000 Ante 100

Blinds up to an even grand! 3 levels of action to go for Day 1B.

22:47 Pictures Galore

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