IPO 2014 Day 1B – Levels 4-6

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18:25 Dog with a bone

Meanwhile George Bedi is still being dogged by John Allbone.

George opens in the cutoff and John calls from his small blind to see a board of Tc6cTd. Check check.

Turn is the Kc, John check calls George’s bet of 950.

River the Jh.

George makes it 100 and John calls, then waits for George to show his hand. He duly flips J9, John then shows J8 for a chopped pot as the King plays.

John gets the extra chip as he’s nearest the button. Result.

18:22 One for Fred O’Connell

Catching up with the action on a 8c-10c7d-Jc-6h board to find John Hayden betting 5.1k in position. However, Fred O’Connell didn’t take long before looking him up. O’Connell was quick to throw over 9c-9s for a straight. Hayden showed his Ac-Ks for ace high.

18:18 Drawing Dead

Leslie McLean and Paul Turkington get it all in on the turn of a 5h Ac Kh 8h board.

Leslie has the nuts with Ah 6h, Paul drawing dead with 7h 9h. Guy in seat two pipes up, “you still have the straight flush draw.. oh no, he has your six. Sorry.”

Paul has a few chips left but will take more than a double up to get him back in the game.

18:08 Live Pub Poker League in the House

The Live Pub Poker League (LPPL) are here in force again this year. They are regular fixtures at the IPO Dublin at this stage. And would you blame them? In 2012 LPPL member Tom Brady took down the event for €42,530 and last year member Andrew Hall finished 2nd for €25,000. With so many players in the field and the experience in their crew who would bet against another LPPL final tablist?

LPPL Team Member

LPPL Team Member

18:07 Level 5 – Blinds 150/300 Ante 25

18:00 Tight image or just plain fear?

Cathal, Mark Elliott and Kris Thys are looking at a flop of Ah 3h 4s.

During the break we interviewed Cathal and his MMA friend Chris Fields, and Cathal said he had shown a very tight image so far so it might be time to throw in a few bluffs.

This was clearly not the time. Mark Elliott bets 1100 and Cathal raises to 5K. Thys and Elliott fold immediately and Cathal shows the distinctly non bluffing hand of As Ks.

17:51 Folding FTW

On Table 20, Sean Mccarthy, Alex Irwin and Eric Doyle see a flop of Ad 5s 9h. The dealer misses Eric’s cards and doesn’t offer him a check or bet option on the flop, then deals the turn, the 9c. Irwin points out Doyle has cards. Doyle hadn’t even realised he’d been missed out! 9c is no longer live, Irwin is offered the option and bets 1k, both players call. The floor is called and cards are shuffled back into the deck until the TD is happy, and they see a Ks then a Th.

McCarthy bets and Irwin makes a small raise. Sean McCarthy thinks for a minute then folds AQ. He was right – Alex Irwin turns over AK and takes the pot.

17:46 Welcome to Day 1B Video

Check out the Welcome to Day 1B video

17:42 Back in Black

Andy Black is back in the Regency today firing his second bullet. He spoke yesterday about how much he loves the IPO and his recent deep runs at the event.


17:30 Fireworks night is on the way

Firework night may come early in Dublin this year on George Bedi’s table, as him and Jeff Albone have already clashed a number of times. Jeff called him down in their last hand with King high, which suggests Jeff may not be a big believer of George!

As we went into the break, all of the other players had left the cardroom apart from George and Jeff who were still involved in a hand, where Jeff was deliberating over a 3K river bet from George. Jeff eventually folded, but I think one of them will be stacking the other not long after we come back.

17:27 Get Involved

There is late registration here at the Regency until after the dinner break at the start of level seven.

Interested to see what your missing out on check out this video from Day 1A

17:20 Level 4 – Blinds 150/300