IPO 2014 Day 1B – Levels 7-9

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20:48 Marc McDonnell Enjoying Himself

Marc McDonnell is having a great time at the tables despite only have a 4k stack. In one pot he was in the small blind and two players in late position limped in. McDonnell sensing an opportunity shoved his 3,075 stack. He then began advising the others to fold which they duly did, maybe they are enjoying having him at the table too much.

20:45 Players in dread

Cathal Pendred has stepped his game up a notch. He’s taken down four consecutive hands on the river and now has close to 50K.

It’s possible players are folding the nuts out of fear, the guy has a real table presence and quite a fan club wandering past to watch.

20:40 FlipFlop makes a splash

Stuart Brownson, better known as “Flip Flop” on the poker circuit, ha final tabled in Dublin before at the Irish Masters, but has been off the poker scene for a couple of years.

He’s back with a bang, currently on close to 100K, and looking to make his return to Ireland a worthwhile stay.

20:30 Level 7 – Blinds 250/500 Ante 50