IPO 2014 Day 2 – Levels 25-27

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23:03 Respect your elders

Glen McCabe makes it 100K, Turlough McHugh makes it 225K and Roland Premensil makes them both fold by putting his million plus stack over the line.

Turlough does tank for a while then shows AK, mucks his cards and politely passes his chips to Roland.

23:03 Ladies Busted!

Peter Carolan raised early position to 150k, Donal Forde shipped 465k from the button and was snapped off. In a classic race Peter’s QQ faced off against Donal’s AK. An ace on the river saved Donal and left Carolan crippled.

23:02 Devastation for Adrian Crawley

You can’t help but feel sorry for Adrian Crawley. Cillian Brady shipped in his chips with Ad2d and Crawley insta-called with KdKs. The pot was a big one about 800k enough to get either player back in the running. The board ran out 10s-6d-6c-Qs-Ah and absolute horror for Crawley on the river who is left with 50k or one big blind.

22:51 Payouts

Still 65 players left in the main event. We are working towards a final table of 9.

66 Karol Wojciechowski €560
67 Jonathan Alley €560
68 Pawel Ciarkowski €560
69 William Burnett €560
70 Patrick Cambell €560
71 Thierry Kuhn foret €560

22:50 Level 25 – Blinds 20000/40000 Ante 4000

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