IPO 2014 Day 2 – Levels 28-30

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01:48 Side event

Michael Wright “The Wizard” suddenly chants “1234” and starts to hum a tune as he pushes his chip stack plus piggy mascot across the line in the €100 side event.

The singing suddenly stops as Juan Hurtardo pushes his similar sized stack in at the same time.

The Wiz has AK, and Juan is calling for his Juan time with AT.

No-one hits and Juan is Juandering off to get his €445 prize money for ninth place.

1:42 Francis McLean Out

Francis McLean hit the rail after he ran his 66 into Chris Pyke’s trip aces.

Francis raised pre-flop from mid-position to 240k. Pyke in the high jack tanked for several minutes and appeared to be preparing to jam but he resisted and just called. The flop came AAK, Francis jammed immediately for around the size of the pot only to be called and find out he was drawing very thin. He was dead after the turn and will have to settle for 32nd place.

01:37 Bounty H4H

Cedric Alexchin is the chip leader in the Bounty with just on 200K.

Currently hand for hand on the bubble, and with one €250 bounty still to play for, the atmosphere is tense.

1:36 Action on Table 2

Table was set alight with a massive 4-bet jam by Paudie Cusack.

Ibragimzhan Niyazov opened early position to 185k, Dorian Verfaille 3-bet mid-position to 285k Paudie Cusack from the high jack 4-bet jammed for around 1.5 million and  everyone folded.

01:35 River Nine

Karl McDonald has just got unbelievably lucky – 2 outers are remembered by everyone the winner and the loser for a long time especially so deep in a tournament. McDonald and David Connolly got their chips into the middle for a 1.6million pot on a flop of 8d-10h-5c. McDonald tabled 9s9c but Connolly was ahead with Jd10c. The turn was the Kd but the river was like a dagger to the heart of Connolly as one of the two remaining nines in the deck hit to leave him in with a tiny stack.

01:23 Bounty Side Event

Just 19 players still in the Bounty side event. Every one in ten players had a Brucie Bonus Bounty of €250 instead of the standard €25, and there is now just one of the €250 bountys left in.

Average stack is 90K.

1:21 Galway Student Applies Pressure

James Scarry continues to apply pressure on his table mates. John Fitzgerald opened to a huge 250k UTG and James jammed all in. John folds after committing a 5th of his stack on the pre-flop open raise.

01:20 Craig Simpson Rivered

Craig Simpson is going hurt for a while after this one. He got his last chips in very good holding AhJc against Dorian Verfaille who had Js9s. The pot was substantial and was looking good for Simpson right up until the river gave Verfaille a full house. The 4x-Kx-Jx-Jx-9x board will sting Simpson tonight as he leaves in 36th spot.

01:16 John Behan Outkicked

John Behan found himself all-in with KdQh against the big slick (AdKh) of Karl McDonald. Behan couldn’t improve on the 3s-Kc-4c-As-9c run down and exited in 37th position.

01:10 €100 Freezout Final table

The side events are starting to move into their final stages, with a Bounty, a Turbo and a Freezeout all coming to a climax.

The atmosphere is still rocking here at the Regency, with crowds of railers all over the place supporting old and new friends.

The €100 FO is now down to the final nine players from a start of 198. Average stack is 330K and blinds are 12/24K with 300 ante.

01:05 Level 28 – Blinds 40000/80000 Ante 10000

38 left at the IPO Dublin 2014.

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