IPO 2014 Final Table – Levels 35-37

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16:51 Deal or No Deal?

We are currently taking a short break while players dicuss a five handed deal. Chip leader Victor is requesting an ICM deal, but the others are happy to chop after a chat. Will update as soon as we know more.

16:34 Down to Five

1 Victor c De rijke 14600000
2 Chris Pyke 12225000
3 Richard O neill 8075000
4 Paudie Cusack 6700008
5 Joe Ward 4500000

16:28 Roland Premesnil exits in 6th place

Roland is pretty short now after going through the high blinds a few times. He raises on the button to 1.2M

and Chris Pyke quickly calls in the BB.

They both check a flop of 8s Qh Ts then all hell breaks loose on the Jh turn, when Roland announces all in and is snapped off by Chris!

Roland is behind and at best drawing to a split pot with Ks7h.

Chris already has the straight holding Ah9c.

Total brick on the river and Roland is heading back to France. He isn’t unhappy though as he’s taking €14240 back with him.

This is his fifth visit to the IPO but his first cash in the main event. Well played Roland!

16:23 Jim Paulus out in 7th for €9,270

Luxembourg’s Jim Paulus has bust the main event. He shoved his 3.3 million stack with KdJd and was looked up by Robert Pekel who called with the pocket eights. Paulus didn’t get much of a sweat as Pekel hit a set on the flop to all but end things. The full board was 3s-7s-8c-3h-3c. Paulus’ score of €9,270 vastly exceeds his previous largest payday of $4,200.

Jim Paulus will sure to be off to celebrate with his poker posse, IPO regulars, the Excavators.

16:08 Good Fold

Chris Pyke Raises to 1.1M.

Joe Ward thinks about it for some time and eventually announces “Raise” and throws in four one million chips.

Rest of the table folds and Roland takes some time deliberating his action on his big blind, but eventually folds.

Chris doesn’t think for too long, and then open folds pocket Jacks.

Joe nods but doesn’t show.

16:07 Final Table Photos



16:04 Richard all in

Roland raises to 1.2M.

Richard reclaims his button and goes all in.

6.8M is a bit too strong for Roland and he retires from the hand.

16:00 Level 35 – Blinds 200,000/400,000 Ante 40,000