IPO Killarney – Day 1B

IPO Killarney Day 1B live updates…

01:00 That’s it folks!

That’s it for me for the night. Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you enjoyed my take on the day’s events. 103 players turned up and with 3 times that expected for tomorrow it could be an absolute frantic day! See you tommorow.

Switchy signing out…

Main Event Day 1B Final Chip-counts:




Higgins Niall 160,500


Cummins Keith 136,600



Ryan Tadhg 121,000

O’BRIEN JOHN 118,100

Clarke Patrick 115,300


Tait Robert 105,000


Rooney Patrick 89,200

Smith Stanley 88,800


Kammerinke Thomas 82,100


Noonan Martin 71,300



Port Henry 57,500

Cremin Brendan 58,000


Cooney Ciaran 49,100

Arthur Jason 46,400


Fleming John 44,600

Dinneen Orlaith 44,400

Healy Geoff 43,600


00.30 Main Event Dy 1B is over!

After a chaotic last 40 minutes where a lot of shorties busted and stacks were being built one guy has supposedly come out on top and is the supposed chip leader!

On the table of death – table 11- with blinds at 800-1600 Richard Kenny raised to 5k with Rohan Perrera 3betting to 10300 from the BB Richard shoved for 110k

Rohan tanks and calls with AKo which is crushing Richards KJo


J 7 3

Oh dear!





Richard busts in a whale of a pot in the last of the night which sends Rohan into the chiplead!

I’ll be back in a few minutes with a wrap up!

23.55 Last level of the night!

Blinds 800/1600 with a 200 ante.
Average stack of 77k
40/103 players left

23.40 Carnage on Table 11!

WHile getting the details of a 230k pot from another player there was a hand developing again. First of all I’ll give the lowdown on the 230k pot which has made Deccy Cassidy the chipleader!

After a succession of raises 3 players had 12k each in the middle including Matt Bustell, Harold Hubermann and Deccy Cassidy.

On a Jack high flop madness ensued. Whatever way it went down Deccy flopped top set, Harold couldn’t find the fold button with Aces and got it all in. Matt Butsell claims he folded QQ! 230k pot

While getting this information Keith Cummins raised to 2400, Matt Butsell 3bet the button to 6000 and Keith 4bet to 14000. Matt cuts out his stack and tanks before flatting the 4bet in position.

Js 10h 2h

Keith leads for 16k and Matt shoves his remaining 56k in which Keith duly calls

Keith: KK
Matt: QQ

No miracle lady for Matt and the English man who had cruised all day with a big stack gets it decimated by two ladies.

23.15 J.P is in the house!

The share price of Jagermeister inc. has risen in the past few minutes which is unbelievably the same amount of time J.P “Jagerbomb” McCann has been in the Gleneagle Hotel. The well known Tournament Director and owner of the Village Green Card Club in Dublin is down to play(well if you could call it playing) the tournament tomorrow. He is well known for his jager rounds at events he plays so pray for his table tomorrow.


In actual tournament news Eamonn Connolly got a much needed double up shoving his 16BB stack after a MP1 open. He got a caller and his AK was way ahead against his opponent’s AQ.

No funny business on the 8 7 2 5 9 boards an Eamonn doubles to 35k

23.00 Clash of the big stacks

Kevin Culloty limped in mid position at the 500-1000 level. Action came to Dragos on the cutoff who raised to 3.5k. Since his immense start Dragos has been tipping away and was on about 130k

Martin Noonan called from the button with around 100k behind. Patrick Clarke released his BB and Kevin called. 3 to the flop

Ks Jc 3c

Kevin lead for 3k, Dragos came along and Martin bumped it up to 9k. The action got a bit too heated for Kevin and he ducked out of the way but Dragos wanted a turn.

6d on the turn and it goes check/check

8s on the river and Dragos checks, Martin fires 13k and a quick call from Dragos

K8 for a rivered two pair for Martin, with Dragos flinging his KQ into the muck

22.30 Photos time!

Martin Noonan – Macau Poker Room regular

Martin Noonan

Damien O’ Callaghan, Cue Club Killarney regular

Damien O'Callaghan

Brian Warren – Knocked yours truly out of an online satellite for a big event in Cork – House over house 3 handed!

Brian Warren

Patrick Clarke – Irish Open Champion 2014

Patrick Clarke

Matt Bustell – English online player

Matt Bustell

22.05 Darren Dowling doubles!

Dublin poker dealer Darren Dowling is trying his luck at the other side of the tables down here in Killarney but things weren’t going his way. He was down to 8000 when he got his chips in for a race with AQ against his opponents 77.

Queen high flop and another meaningless queen on the river gets him up to the 17k stack!

22.00 100k pot!

I got to the table with 10k in the pot. On a board of:

6s Qd 10c Jd

Brian Dowling had bet 3700, flatted by Richard Kenny on the button and Niall Higgins shoved from the SB for 43k. Brian got out of the way and Richard tank called.

Niall Higgins: Kc9c for the second nut straight
Richard: 66 for bottom set and a house draw

3s on the river unfortunately was no help to Richard with Niall claiming he 100k pot. Richard down to 25k

21.35 Side Event

‚¬60 Side-event is well underway and has 37 entrants so far. 2 Cash tables on the go at the moment. I think this is the start of the action for the weekend! Killarney is the place to be this weekend for any Irish poker player.

21.30 New chip-leader!

Martin Noonan, who plays in the Macau casino(premier poker club in Cork), was tipping along with 60k all through the day when he got involved in a hand with Kd10d. After a few callers he called on the button.

Flop came K 10 3 and after a lot of action on the flop he got his chips in versus the UTG’s AA.

No funny business on the turn and river and he doubled up to 120k!

In other news Patrick Clarke is also going along nicely on 50k. He was under the radar as he is partly in disguise under a stylish blue hat! Patrick had the bink of a lifetime in April winning the Irish Open for ‚¬200,000 after qualifying for just ‚¬4!

21.00 Photo Time!

Keith Cummins

Nicky Power – Boylepoker sponsored pro

Geoff Healy

Geoff Healy – Runner-up IPO Galway

Liam Chevalier

Liam “Mash” Chevalier – 3rd place finisher in the Irish Open

20.50 Dariusz Bieda Bust

After a limp from early position Martin Noonan raised to 1200, Kieran O’ Connell 3bet to 3,500 and Dariusz shoved for 17000. Martin got out of the way and Kieran called

Dariusz: AK
Kieran: AA


Kieran up to around 42000

20.40 Bust-out time Nicky Power has exited the event and will be found at the bar. I got the details from the horses mouth. Nicky flopped the nut flush draw against Peter Harte and committed himself raisng the flop.

He lumped the chips in on the turn and was called by Peters AA. Heart on the river but it also housed up his opponent.

I’m sure Nicky’s love for Martin Kaymer and his recent success on the golf course will fund him for another crack tomorrow!

20:20 Play has started in the Main Event with blinds at 250-500 and a 50 ante

Average stack is 31,200 with the final numbers for today set at 102

The chipleaders at the break are:

John O’Brien 102k
Ionut Dragos 101k
Henry Port 91k – who is hoping reach his second IPO final table
Matt Bustell 88k
Deccy Cassidy 81k

Nicky Power having some banter with Paul Carr. Paul has busted since taken unfortunately after running a set into a flush-draw that couldn’t fade. I’m sure he’ll have another crack at this tomorrow.

Nicky Power - Paul Carr
19.20 Chow time!

50 Minute break just started and I will go around and get some chipleaders for ye.

In the run up to the break Nicky Power was getting short on around 17k when he got involved in a hand with Barry Leen. Barry raised Nick’s blind from the cutoff and Nick defended from the BB. Flop:

As 9c Qc

After a check from Nicky Barry cbet 1100, quickly called from Nicky

8s on turn and Nicky check-raised from 1700 to 4k which Barry flatted.

2d on the river changed nothing so Nicky shoved his last 10k getting the fold from Barry. Nicky proclaims a poor two pair showing the 9d but is he really getting it in with a bad two pair. I’m thinking a flopped set was his real hand!


Just had a read of Twitter and Richie Lawlor of Cork busted getting his chips in with Aces on a board of 54510J running into a flopped house of fours.

He’s already signaled his intention to have another pop at it tomorrow so we haven’t seen the last of Richie!

If you want to follow Twitter, just type in #IPOKILLARNEY and some of the players are updating with their own chip-counts and funky hands!

18.40 Bluff!

Shane Walsh raised UTG+1 to 750 which was called on the button before John Leonard bumped it up from the big blind to 2050

Shane flats and the button gets out of the way

7s 7c 6d

John continues with a 4k bet, nearly the full pot. Shane tanks before making it 8.5k. John fires back with a 20k reraise leading to a quick fold from Shane who shows Jacks. John Leonard throws over the Ad3d with a wry smile, is there anything better than getting away with the big bluff!

In other news unfortunately William Leen over-pair couldn’t out-run Chris Pyke’s top-pair. William got his 8000 chips in on the flop of:

Js 6c 9h flop with William holding KK and Chris holding Jh10H

Jd on the turn leaves William with only 2 outs

3s on the river and William will have to wait to tomorrow to have another crack at the inaugural IPO Killarney

On the clock there are 102 entrants with 88 remaining. About an hour of late reg left so not more expected in today but 300+ expected to descend on Killarney tomorrow which will make it very busy for the next 2 days!

18.20 Delan Lavelle gets a timely double up! He was down to his last 6k before getting it in with QQ on a board of

2h 4h 7d

against the buttons KhQh so a bit of fading to do

Turn and river are blanks and he doubles up to 12k

18.15 Boylepoker pro Nicky Power just won a pot to get above 33k. He raised the cutoff to 600 with the button 3betting to 1400. Keith Cummins thought in the BB before mucking and we were heads up after Nicky called.

Js 7h 6d

Nicky check calls 1700 annoucing he wasn’t going to go broke with 1 pair




Nicky leads for 4200 which was a little over half pot and gets the reluctant fold. Nicky said he had AJ but do we believe him?! Well known Dublin player John Hanaphy just sat two to the left of Nicky so there could be later action there.

Ionut Dragos is still the chipleader on 100k+ with local Killarney player Dane O’ Donoghue following on 82k. Dane has Martin Noonan on his table. Martin has an exceptional record down this part of the country and will be a tough person to get through!

17.40 On table 14 Liam Chevalier raised to 650 from the hijack only for Eamonn Connolly to 3bet the button to 2k. Gary Starrett came in with a 4bet to 5500. Liam released and Eamonn called. The flop came down:

AS Kh 9h and it went check/check

7s on the turn and Gary led for 5700 getting the fold from Eamonn but did he want a caller?

17.20 Just back from break and a handed had started to brew up. A raise from MP1 to 600 at the 150-300 level was flatted in 3 spots including Niall Higgins in MP2 nd Mike Daly in the small blind.

Ks 8d Jc

MP1 continues for 600 and Niall raises to 3100. Mike in the SB thinks and calls from the SB. 2 folds and we are heads up to the turn


Check from Mike and Niall fires 6k. After a small tank Mike relinquishes his hand muttering AQ – so his thinking was his opponent semi-bluffed the flop with a gutshot on the flop and binked the turn. What do ye think??. There are a few of these hands as usual. I think I’m going to be there for the eventual 70 or 80k pot but they fall apart!

94 on the clock at the moment

17.05 I spoke too soon for Liam Chevalier as he is down to 10k after a skirmish with newly arrived Henry Port. These are good pals and regulars on the Cork scene and know each others games. I didn’t want to push for information as to the hand details so we’re all in the dark.

Richie Lawlor from Cork and Con Collins have also arrived. Con has got Paul Carr with chips to his left and there could be fireworks on that table in the near future!

Players are on a 20 minute break

16.45 Cork player Wayne O’ Donnell just had the misfortune of the being on the wrong end of the old KK vs AA scenario. You know it’s just not going to be your day when you get your stack in pre and you see Aces against your Kings. No miracle King and he’s gone.

87 players regged with 83 players left and Nicky Power has just taken his seat fashionably late. Maybe was he at the golf course?? He has a bit of catching to do to catch his good friend Paul Carr who is crusing on 45k, as is Liam Chevalier. They are nowhere near our friend Dragos from earlier who is rocking an 80k stack, must be nice to get that kind of start!

16.25 Ouch! Patrick Mongan is the latest bustout from the Main Event. It was tale of woe that happened over 2 hands that ultimately cost him his tournament.

In hand 1 he raised KK UTG to 400 at the 75-150 level. He found 3 callers including Dragos Ionut in the button.

Flop 9d 8c 5c

Bet from Patrick off 1100, call from Dragos and we are heads up to the turn

Turn: 9h

Parick check calls 2,500

River : 10d

Patrick check calls 4,000 only to be shown 9s10s for the rivered house, wincing as the dealer passes the chips over to Dragos.

He got his last 10k in on the flop in the very next hand to get back his chips. It was a Jd7c3s with Patrick having the Aces and dominating the 99 of his nemesis Dragos. The 9 fell on the river for a cruel finish to Patrick’s tourney. Plenty of side events planned for the remainder of the day as well as cash games so he doesn’t have far to go for some more action!

16:10 Just had a scan of the room for a while and had some chats with the players Lot of small pots as people get the feel for the table so not much to comment on but there are some wizards about. Of the 80 players regged we have:

Liam “Mash” Chevalier – 3rd place finisher in the Irish Open 2014
Geoff Healy – Runner up in the Galway IPO tour event and hoping to go one better
Brian Warren
Bob Tait – The Kilted-shark back for another shot at the big bucks!
Paul Carr – Former runner-up in the Irish Open
Dublin regulars Harold Huberman and George McKeever
Jan De Groot – a loyal Boylepoker follower
Keith Cummins – A Corkman living in Kerry with some quality results online the past few months.

15:50 We have our first bustout from the day 1B. Cornelius O’ Leary got his stack in with Q10 on a A K J flop with 2 hearts but alas Brian Dowling was free-rolling with the Q-10 of hearts. The heart duly arrived and Cornelius will have to come back tomorrow for another crack at the IPO.

15.35 Welcome ladies and gentleman to the IPO Killarney Day 1B blog! TD Nick O’ Hara announced shuffle up and deal to start play about 35 minutes ago and the usual sound of riffling chips has descended on the room.

I am Switchy, your new BoylePoker blogger for the weekend and I will bring you some notable chip counts, interesting hands and the bad beat stories that go along with the Irish festival scene.

71 players have regged so far for day 1B and the list is growing with late reg going for 6 levels. Included in today’s field is Boylepoker sponsored pro Nicky Power who is trying to replicate teammate John O’ Shea’s success in IPO Galway while John is swanning off in Vegas. I’m off for a few minutes to have look for some other notable players and wizards!