IPO Killarney – Day 1C

IPO Killarney Day 1C live updates…

I’m off for the night! Thanks to Danny for the photos and to everyone for listening! Play is back tomorrow at 12 noon so good luck to everyone still in.

Switchy signing out!

21.50 Play has finished for the night!

97 players have made it through from the 219 that started today at 12pm. The bar and cash games are starting to fill up so it could be a long night yet!

Chip counts from our remaining players are on the way but there were a few bustouts in the last level.

One such bustout was Gary Hughes on the last hand of the night as he shoved 8d9d into the aces of Gary Starrett.

The 89 flopped the straight but a cruel king on the river brought the end of Gary Hughes’ tourney.


21.00 Ger Fleming wins a big pot.

After a limp in middle position Ger Fleming raised the cut-off to 2.5k. James Lane 3bet the button to 7.5k. The limper got out of dodge and Ger flatted. Flop:


Check by Ger and a 9k c-bet by James. Ger re-raised all in covering James and James tank called for 30k even though he wasn’t happy.

Ger: 10 9 for 2 pair
James: A A for the overpair

No Ace or paired board and Ger climbs to 150k

20.55 Last level of the evening! 800-1600 with a 200 ante
119 left out of 219 starting
Average stack: 56000

20.55 Liam Chevalier has been up and down all day long. He’s currently sitting on 30k

Liam Chevalier

Gary Kerrisk is a Killarney native with a lot of sucess. He’s one of many locals still in with a shot at the title with 60k

Gary Kerrisk

Adryana -One of the many poker dealers who are easy on the eye!

Dealer - Adryana Soare

Neil O’ Leary – Made it through day 1 on Thursday but is hoping to build on his 45k stack that he finished on Thursday with. Currently sitting on 50k so bit of work to do

Neil O Leary

20.20 Peter Searle gets Aces busted

Peter raised to 2500 from UTG which was the standard raise on the table. JP McCann 3bet to 5600 from middle position and then called when Peter went all-in for 22K

JP: KsQc
Peter: AdAh


As 10c 4d giving JP McCann some outs





Jp binks the straight on the turn knocking out Peter.

20.00 Camel Race!

The Main Event is finishing at 21.30 but the fun won’t end there! At 22.00 we are having a Camel race(youtube it!). If any players are reading this just come up to the blog desk or reg with the poker dealer Kelly to be included. ‚¬10 entry and we’re having 10 races with ‚¬60 to the winner. Heat winners will then go the final with the winner of the final getting a ticket to the IPO Dublin kindly sponsored by Boylepoker!

Lads if ye don’t win though don’t get the hump!

19.40 Players are back from break and are playing the 500-1000 level with a 100 ante

Liam Delaney is still in with 65k. Liam has plans on staying until the end and then driving to Carlow to run his game in the Atlantis Casino. Rather him than me!

Liam Delaney

19.20 Prize-pool and Payouts

We have had 374 players at this years inaugural IPO Killarney which created a ‚¬75,200 prizepool with the top 39 players paid. 1st place finisher is going to take home a cool ‚¬20,250 along with the trophy and the bragging rights that go with taking down this tournament!

1 ‚¬20,250
2 ‚¬11,050
3 ‚¬6,280
4 ‚¬5,210
5 ‚¬4,460
6 ‚¬3,710
7 ‚¬2,955
8 ‚¬2,255
9 ‚¬1,575
10 ‚¬1,350
11 ‚¬1,125
12-13 ‚¬900
14-15 ‚¬750.00
16-23 ‚¬600.00
24-31 ‚¬485.00
32-39 ‚¬375.00

TOTAL PAYOUT: 75,200.00


Alex Tikhoniouk is now sitting beside Cork’s Sean McCarthy. Alex has won the Celtic Grand final a few months back for a big score while Sean went into the Macau Casino in Cork for a ‚¬30 rebuy and ended taking 15k after winning the Big55 on Stars on his mobile phone!

Alex Tikhoniouk

18.10 164 players remaining out of 219 entrants

Blinds are 400/800 with a 75 ante
Average stack is 40,185

Dinner Break in 18 minutes!

17.50 Fionn Sherry exits

I got to the pot with 8k in the pot pre and the flop was:


Fionn had bet 6000 but Paul Kirwan had raised in position to 12,500. Fionn called leaving himself 25k behind


Fionn shipped his last 25k in and Paul snapped with the Ad4d for the flush while Fionn table the 8s10s for the turned straight. In consequential 7 on the river and Fionn can finally hit the Omaha table up

17.25 Nicky is here! Boylepoker pro took his seat in the tourney about 45 minutes ago and is sitting next to his last longest competitor and Irish open final tablist Liam “Mash” Chevalier. Could be some fireworks here!

Nicky Power - Liam Chevalier have a last longest bet along with two others

We also got a photo of J.P pre jager rounds!

JP McCann

16.50 Double up for Jerry Daly!

Only a couple of hands after the 20 minute break and with the blinds at 250-500 Jerry Daly raised from mid-position. David Mangan 3bet from the small blind to 5600. Jerry called and we were heads-up to the flop


David Mangan checked to Jerry who shoved for 14k which David quickly called.

Jerry: 99 for a set of 9s
David Mangan: KK for the overpair

Turn brought a 7 which brought some chop outs but the river 8 was no good to David and he doubles Jerry up

16.25 Photo time!

Denise Fusciardi – Fitzwilliam Card Club, Dublin

Denise Fusciardi

Noel Magner – Sporting his county colours

Noel Magner

Willie Clynes – Better known as Solskjaer on I.P.B getting a break from his new born to enjoy some cards and a pints of guiness!

Willie Clynes

Fionn Sherry – Celtic Poker Tour owner. Still wondering why he isn’t getting 4 cards

Fionn Sherry

Kelly Coleman

Kelly Coleman

16.00 Last longer banter

There’s a bit of talk between me and the photographer Danny(whom I must thank for his quality pics for this blog) about a last longer between JP McCann, Nicky Power, Paul Carr and Liam Chevalier. The stakes may not be too high at only ‚¬25 but there is a lot of pride at stake as well as the stipulation with it that if they order each other a round it must be drank hastily.

Nicky and Paul haven’t surfaced yet which may be due to the usual Killarney antics last night but as soon as JP heard of Liam knocking out players JP got to work, by going to the bar to order drink for Liam!

15.40 Action!

Liam Chevalier – Irish Open 3rd place finisher – is in the mix again today. He just got tangled in a pot with Brian Hannon. Brian limped from the cut-off for 300 out of 15k stack.

Liam raised from the button to 800 and Brian came along as did the BB.


They both check to Liam who fires 1300. Brian calls

10 on the turn

Brian checks to Liam who fires again for 2200. It didn’t shake Brian who wanted a river


Brian checked it again and Liam puts him in. After a tank Brian calls for his tourney life and is dismayed to see QJ for the nut straight. Brian mucked 10 9 for the rivered two pair

On the adjoining table Sean Byrne raised to 650 pre getting a call from the button and the BB Ciaran Lordan.

The flop:

5d 7d 8d

So a very wet board in which Sean Byrne lead out 1350. Button called and the BB Ciaran check-raised to 5k.

The raise was just about enough to get Ciaran the pot and brought him above the 30k mark

14.45 A couple of wizards have just regged

Conor McElhinney – Known as NewApproach on I.P.B took the short hop from Clare for some poker.

Alex Tikhoniouk – Carlow native with some quality scores over the past couple of years.

Fionn Sherry – Celtic Poker Tour owner trying his hand at the other side of the table. Often found on the Omaha cash table, Fionn will have to get used to only having two cards to win the pot.

Ciaran Cooney – Also known as Dice75 on I.P.B is having a go to build a stack after hanging in last night with a below average stack. He has his work cut out with Liz Kelly and Richie Lawlor from Cork on his table who have also tasted success in the past few months.

14.30 Play has been slow so far with people still getting a feel. Gavin Murphy from Kanturk, Cork has made the fastest start getting it up to 75k with very little showdown.

Sandro Taddei from Killarney is sitting on around 65k and he gave me the details on a hand as he was on 80k

Anthony O’ Flaherty raised UTG to 600. 3 players came along for 600 which gave Sandro nice pot odds to flat from the BB with 23


Sandro calls Anthony’s continuation bet.

2x on the turn completing a straight draw

3x on the river pairing the board and giving Sandro bottom house

After 4 rounds of betting they created a 30k pot. Unfortunately Anthony had flopped a set of 5s giving him the higher house and taking Sandro down a peg or two

13.50 The Langer bus has arrived!

There have been quite a few Cork regs arriving today hoping for the big pay-day including:

Gavin Murphy
Ciaran Lordan
Noel Magner
Patrick Kelleher
Richie Lawlor
Colin Quarry – well he’s a Dungarvan native, but it’s practically Cork
Timmy O’ Sullivan – known as mohican22 on I.P.B

Liam Delaney has left his post as head of the Atlantis Casino in Carlow and brought some poker heads along with him for the fun and craic in Killarney

Damien Browne and Gary Kerrisk are hoping to keep the money in Killarney while Karl Evoy is hoping take the trpphy to the Deise county in the sunny south east!

13.40 Photo Time!

John Mackey – Also known as Zippy147 on Irishpokerboards!

John Mackey

Larry Ryan Much travelled over the past few months including the P.C.A tournament in the Bahamas!

Larry Ryan

Cathal Heapes

Cahal Heapes

Andrew Dwyer – Online grinder from Wexford and UKIPT regular

Andrew Dwyer

boyle 1c

13.20 Already a battle on table 12. Sammy O’ Brien raised pre-flop which was met with a call from Tony Harte.



Sammy leads for 700, Tony calls


Sammy leads for 1200, Tony calls


Sammy checks the river to Tony who fires 2500 but mucks when called by Sammy. Sammy turns over JJ to win round 1.

13.00 Notables and some match-ups!

Cathal Heapes and Brian Warren on Table 11 which was the table of death yesterday!
Killarney native Cornelius O’ Leary – Also known as Neil – first out yesterday having another crack
Sandro Taddei
Dublin’s Sammy O’ Brien, Limerick’s Tony Harte and Waterford’s Mustaffa should have good battles on table 12. Mustaffa final tabled IPO Dublin in October and just last week took down the Northern Open so is the inform player
Noel Drought – busted quite close to the finish of play yesterday and choosing his option to re-enter
Carmel Mooney
Kristian Sehstedt – colourful character from Denmark who is a regular in the Macau casino in Cork
Dennis Siebens – A DublinPokerNights regular down for in the sunny south-west for some poker

12.50 Blinds are up!
Blinds are now 75/150. 170 on the clock which means the prizepool has topped the ‚¬65,000 mark for just ‚¬230!

12.20 Hello Ladies and gents and welcome to Day 1C of the Killarney tour stop of the inaugural IPO Tour 2014. Renowned TD Nick O’ Hara announced shuffle up and deal on time as expected and we are currently twenty minutes into level one with the blinds at 50-100. 30k stack leaves all players with a lot of room to maneuver through the field.

We are going to play 12 levels today which Nick has announced will take us to 9.30 tonight so a lot of poker to be played and hopefully plenty of funky hands that I can bring you updates on.

There are 147 people on the clock with a queue at the desk and 4 hours of late reg left so expect that to increase dramatically as late reg looms!

I’m going to have a wander around the room and get some notable players that i’ll follow for chip counts. If you know someone playing and you maybe want an update leave a comment and I’ll get right to work!